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Lancia 1966




January saw the Coupé HF arrive now with 88bhp and lightened with hoods and doors made of a special alloy of aluminum and magnesium called Peraluman . The body is also lightened by removing the bumpers, the simplification of the interior, the use of thinner sheet metal parts and the adoption of non-structural rear window and rear windows in Plexiglas . The Coupé HF are discernible for the band painted yellow / blue bonnet and roof and the elephant on the front fenders.

Flaminia Touring models were discontinued last year but still appear in the catalogues.

CUTE and quick, the little Fulvia has canted-over V4 engine in light alloy, with overhead camshafts. Front-wheel drive, as on all Lancias designed by Dr. Fessia. Engine, transmission, suspension and steering are all carried on a sub frame. Equipment includes dipping mirror, vanity mirror, red warning lamps in rear door edges, grab handles, four headlamps. Coupés have 1,216 c.c. engines giving 80 or 88 h.p.
Vignale makes the body for the elegant short-wheelbase convertible, but Flavias come in many styles. There's a Pininfarina Coupé, a Zagato Supersport and of course the four-door Berlina. The Zagato is a Coupé des Alpes winner. Lancia now offer petrol injection on the 1.8-litre flat-four light alloy engine which drives the front wheels. Electric clock, powerful ventilation and heating system, rear window defroster are included.
SIX years of production have confirmed the qualities of the largest Lancia Flaminia with its front-mounted pioneer V6 engine, rear-mounted gearbox and de Dion axle. Among the body styles is the beautiful 140 h.p. Pininfarina Coupé. Other models include the handsome four-door saloon, the 150 h.p. Superleggera Coupé and convertible and the lightweight Zagato Coupé with three twin-choke Weber carburettors.



Fulvia   V4 cyl., 12°53'28", 1091 cc, 58 bhp
Fulvia 2C V4 cyl., 12°53'28", 1091 cc, 71 bhp
  Berlina wb: 2480 mm




Fulvia – sports models

Coupé   V4 cyl., 1216 cc, 80 bhp
Coupé HF V4 cyl., 1216 cc, 88 bhp – new model
  Coupé wb: 2330 mm
Sport Zagato V4, 1216 cc, 80 bhp
  Coupé wb: 2330 mm


Fulvia Coupé

Fulvia Coupé

Fulvia Coupé HF (Tipo 818.140). Competition version of the coupé introduced later in 1965, fitted with a tuned version of the 1,216 cc engine producing 88 bhp at 6,000 rpm. Bodywork is lightened by removing the bumpers, using an aluminium bonnet, doors and boot lid, Plexiglas side and rear windows, and bare steel wheels without hubcaps.

Fulvia Coupé

Fulvia Sport Zagato




Flavia (B4, 1488 cc, 76 bhp)
Flavia 1.8 (B4, 1800 cc, 92 bhp)
Flavia 1.8 Iniezione (B4, 1800 cc, 102 bhp)

SUPERJOLLY (forward control chassis)




Flavia – sports models

Pininfarina Coupé 1.8 (B4, 1800 cc, 105 bhp)
Pininfarina Coupé 1.8 Iniezione
Sport Zagato 1.8 (B4, 1800 cc, 105 bhp)
Sport Zagato 1.8 Iniezione
Vignale Convertible 1.8 (B4, 1800 cc, 105 bhp)
Vignale Convertible 1.8 Iniezione

Flavia 1,8 Coupé Pininfarina

Flavia 1,8 convertible Vignale

Flavia Sport Zagato



Flaminia 2.8 (287cm, V6 60°, 2775 cc, 129 PS)




Flaminia – sports models

Coupé Pininfarina 3B 2.8 (275cm; V6 60°, 2775 cc, 140 PS)
Super Sport Zagato (252cm; V6 60°, 2775 cc, 152 PS)


Flaminia Coupé Pininfarina

Flaminia 3C GTL

Flaminia Sport GT

Flaminia GT Convertible Touring


Flaminia Sport Zagato


Drugie (Trautmann/ Hanrioud) i trzecie (Andersson/ Dahlgren) w RMC (Flavia).
Zwycięstwo (Cella/ Lombardini) w Rajdzie San Remo (Fulvia)
1st Italian Rally Championship (Fulvia HF)



HF Squadra Corse's Fulvia HF driven by Leo Cella - Achille Marzi at Targa Florio took 11th plave overall, 2nd in grand turismo category and won in 1101-1300 cc class.


  Targa Florio entries: (08.05.1966)
#2 Fulvia HF 1200 Garofalo / Randazzo Pegaso 35th
#4 Fulvia HF 1200 Arcovito / Pirrone Peloritana 32nd
#6 Fulvia HF 1200 Facetti   dns
#8 Fulvia HF 1200 Morazzoni / Facetti   dns
#12 Fulvia HF 1200 Mantia / Lunetta Pegaso fail.
#14 Fulvia HF 1200 De Gregorio / Marchiolo   fail.
#16 Fulvia HF 1200 Rigano / Romano   dns
#18 Fulvia HF 1200 Cella / Marzi HF Squadra Corse 11th
#20 Fulvia HF 1200 Cecchini / Cecchini   dns
#22 Fulvia HF 1200 Foschi   dns
#24 Fulvia HF 1200 Petromarchi / R.Torinielli Settecolli 33rd
#26 Fulvia HF 1200 "Goldfinger" / Raimondo Pegaso fail.
#28 Fulvia HF 1200 Garzone / Benini   dns
#30 Fulvia HF 1200 Avorio / "Terry"   dns
#34 Fulvia HF 1200 Cosentino / Orecchioni Nord-Ovest 34th
#36 Fulvia HF 1200 Maglioli / Crosina HF Squadra Corse 23rd
#172 Flaminia Zagato Dari / Cinesi   dns