Classic Car Catalogue

Lancia 1978

Beta Coupé
Beta Monte-Carlo - discontinued
Gamma Coupé
Stratos - discontinued (1973-78 - approx. 490 ex.)




1300 R4 cyl., 2ohc 1301 cm³ 85 cv  
1600 R4 cyl., 2ohc 1585 cm³ 100 cv  
2000 R4 cyl., 2ohc 1995 cm³ 119 cv  
Berlina  wb: 2540 mm  

Top saloon model in the four-door transverse-engined saloon range, the Beta 2000 has a wind-cheating shape, front wheel drive, five-speed gearbox, and a high degree of internal appointment. The Beta was the first new model to emerge from the Lancia factory after the Fiat take-over in 1971, and its engine is virtually identical to its Fiat equivalents. The 119 bhp engine is also used in Lancia's 2000 HPE 'high performance estate'. Beta saloons are also made in 1300 and 1600 guise, both with transverse twin ohc engines, and there is a super-executive model, the 2000ES with upmarket trim, sun-roof etc.

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Beta Coupé

1300 R4 cyl., 2ohc 1301 cm³ 85 cv  
1600 R4 cyl., 2ohc 1585 cm³ 100 cv  
2000 R4 cyl., 2ohc 1995 cm³ 119 cv  
Coupé  wb: 2350 mm  
  Spyder wb: 2350 mm  
  HPE wb: 2540 mm  

Well-proportioned 2+2 from Lancia has twin overhead camshaft engine mounted transversely at the front, driving front wheels through a five-speed gearbox. Beta Coupés come with choice of 1300, 1600, or 2000 motors with respective maximum power-outputs of 82, 100, and 119 bhp. Even the smallest-engined is good for more than 100 mph. There is also a 'Spider' version with removable roof panel, and folding rear hood which converts to an open car, but it is obtainable in two-litre form only. Both the Coupé and Spider 2000 models are able to top 110 mph. All models have four headlights, and the body incorporates a front air-dam.
Lancia's 'high performance estate' is an unusually useful car, for it has compelling Italian lines, performance in keeping with the famous marque's reputation, and the carrying capacity of a fair-sized van! It is well-streamlined too. The three-door HPE has the choice of 1.6 or two-litre twin overhead camshaft engines, and in either case a five-speed gearbox is standard equipment. In the manner of most estates, the rear seat folds forward to provide a large area for luggage, camping gear, and what else. For real sportsmen the seats will also fold into a double bed, making the car itself a camper—with luxury interior.

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Montecarlo  R4 cyl., 2ohc 1995 cm³ 120 cv - discontinued
Targa  wb: 2300 mm - 1974-78 - 3,558 ex.
  Coupé wb: 2300 mm - 1975-78 - 2,080 ex.


Gamma and Gamma Coupé

Gamma  B4 cyl., ohc   140 cv  
Berlina  wb: 2670 mm  
  Coupé wb: 2555 mm  

Largest, latest, and most expensive range from the famous Italian manufacturer, the Gamma Berlina is the four-door version of the 2.5-litre front-drive model, now available in Britain. There is also a two-door Gamma Coupé which is more expensive. The horizontally-opposed four-cylinder engine is mostly of light-alloy, and because of its configuration occupies the minimum of under-bonnet space. It is mounted low to enhance handling. It is the only engine in the Lancia line-up that isn't Fiat-derived. The factory claims a higher speed for the Coupé model due to superior aerodynamics, but the Berlina is capable of 120 mph.

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HF  V6 cyl., 2418 cm³ 190 cv - discontinued
Coupé  wb: 2180 mm  



WRC Victories:

1st Rallye Sanremo Stratos HF # Alén
1st Rallye de España Stratos HF # Carello
3rd Rallye de España Stratos HF # de Bagration

Other Victories:

1st Rallye di Sicilia #2 Stratos Carello / Perissinot
2nd Rallye di Sicilia #7 Stratos Vudafieri / De Antoni

2nd in 7° Rallye internazionale di Sicilia - Adartico Vudafieri and Massimo De Antoni.

2nd  World Sportscar Championship GT Cup