Classic Car Catalogue

Lea Francis 1949

Great Britain

14 HP Saloon / Estate
14 Sports – ost.rok. Powst. 129 szt.
14/70 Saloon
2½-Litre Sports – September


Lea-Francis Fourteen for 1949 has restyled six-light bodywork with the headlamps incorporated in the front end, and front wings flowing back to blend in with the rear wings. The 9 ft 3 in wheelbase chassis now has IFS with torsion bars. There are two versions: the Mark V and Mark VI, the latter being a luxurious edition with sliding roof, heater, radio, etc. Both are made primarily for export.

Independent front suspension from September on 14 hp Saloon, not Estate.


14 HP Saloon


14 HP Monaco Estate Car


14/70 Saloon



14 HP Sports