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Lea Francis 1960

Lynx (6 cyl. 2553 cm³, 107KM) - new model

Great Britain

Zaprezentowany w Londynie na Earls Court motor show Lynx napędzany jest silnikiem Forda Zephyra wyposażonym w trzy gaźniki. Cenę skalkulowano na 2096 funtów (Triumph TR3A - £991). Chociaż trudno w to uwierzyć, styliści wzorowali się włoskich kabrioletach. Powstały tylko 3 egzemplarze.

Lea-Francis Leaf-Lynx, is to mark the return of an old established firm. It appeared at the 1960 Earls Court Motor Show. Occasional, four-seater roadster is powered by a 2 ½ -litre Ford engine modified to develop 107 bhp at 4500 rpm and featuring a four-speed synchromesh gearbox and disc brakes all round. The unusual 'torpedo' style bodywork is all-steel apart from aluminium doors, bonnet and boot lid. Only a few prototypes were ever made and the car never reached production.

MR. K. B. BENFIELD, newly appointed chairman and joint managing director of Lea-Francis Cars, Ltd., stated last week that there was every likelihood of Lea-Francis returning to the field of car manufacture. It would not be for "two or three years," because a period of concentration on Ministry and subcontract work was necessary to stabilize the company's financial position. Mr. Benfield's appointment followed a shareholders' vote of "no confidence" in the board as previously constituted. On the new board are Ald. H. Weston, Mr. C. Payne and Mr. R. Bowden.
(The Autocar, March'60)

Lynx at Amsterdam Motor Show in 1961.