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Lotus 1963

Seven s.2
Elite s.2 - discontinued (988 ex.)
Lotus Cortina - new model

Great Britain

Lotus Elan Convertible made its debut in October 1962. It features a fibreglass body mounted on a fabricated steel backbone chassis, hydraulically-operated, retractable headlamps, a twin-cam engine, all-synchromesh gearbox, independent suspension and disc brakes all round. The driving compartment is comfortable and very well appointed. Price £1499.

Super 7 option has first Cosworth tuned 83 bhp1340cc Classic engine then 1599cc Cortina engine with 95 bhp, and front discs.
Elan hardtop option at Earls Court. Only 22 Elans were buylt with the 1498cc engine. The larger unit was adopted before production began.



Seven s.2
997 cc - Ford
948 - BMC
1498 cc - Ford



Elan (R4 cyl, 1498 cc, 100 bhp) - discontinued
Elan (R4 cyl, 1558 cc, 115 bhp) - new model



Elite s.2 (R4 cyl, 1216 cc, 75/83/95 bhp) - dicontinued


Lotus Cortina

Cortina (4 cyl, 1558 cc, 115 bhp) - new model
  Saloon 2-door


25 (F-1) (90° V8 Coventry-Climax)
19B (Ford V8)
22 (F-Junior) (Cosworth, 1098cc)
27 (F-Junior) (Cosworth, 1098cc) - new model
23 - discontinued (approx. 130 ex.)
29 (Indy car) (Ford all-aluminium OHV small block V8)

2nd Indianapolis 500   29 Clark
Entries and results:
  24h Le Mans 15-16.06-1963 Entrant: Results: Index:
    chassis #     gen. class perf. eff.
38 Elite 1792 Gardner/Coundley Team Elite fail. - - -
39 Elite 1678 Wagstaff/Fergusson Team Elite 10th 1st GT 1.15-1.3 9th 3rd

Team Elite; Lotus Elite (Mk 14), chassis #1792, engine: Coventry Climax 1.216 cc. (Frank Gardner / John Coundley) at 24h Le Mans.

Team Elite; Lotus Elite (Mk 14), chassis #1678, engine: Coventry Climax 1.216 cc. (John Wagstaff / Pat Fergusson) at 24h Le Mans.

Goodwood. Stirling Moss with Lotus 19 during testing session.

Jim Clark, Lotus 23.

Dan Gurney at Indianapolis 500 in Lotus 29.

Indianapolis 500 : Jim Clark in Lotus 29 with Colin Chapman and Lotus crew.

F1 victories:

1st French GP   25 Clark
3rd USA GP   25 Clark
1st Italian GP   25 Clark
1st Belgian GP   25 Clark
1st British GP   25 Clark
1st South African GP   25 Clark
1st Dutch GP #6 25 Clark
1st Mexican GP   25 Clark
2nd German GP #3 25 Clark
1st F1 Championship   25 Clark

F1 entries:

Entrant: Results:
        gen. class category

Jim Clark i Colin Chapman tryumfują w Lotusie 25.

Jim Clark at German GP.

Lombank Trophy, Snetterton : Jim Clark, Lotus-Climax 25, 2nd.

Strat to the Dutch GP at Zandvoort: #6 Jim Clark, Lotus 25, Team Lotus (Winner), Graham Hill, BRM P57, Owen Racing (ret), Bruce McLaren Cooper T66, Cooper Racing (ret).

Jim Clark in Lotus-Climax 25 at Belgian GP, Spa (Team Lotus). Winner.

Monaco GP, Monte Carlo. Jim Clark, Lotus 25 (Team Lotus), Qualifying.