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Maserati 1959

3500 GT
5000 GT - new model


Front disc brakes, a limited slip differential and Borrani knock-on wire wheels are available for 3500 GT as an optional equipment. Carrozzeria Vignale produced a spyder, based on a design by Michelotti.
Giulio Alfieri decided that it made more sense to modify and reinforce the chassis of the 3500 GT rather than modifying the chassis of the 450S racer, after all the components of the 3500 GT were already tried and tested. While Reza Khan Pahlavi, the Shah of Persia was taking delivery of his 5000 GT (#103.002) in Teheran, Maserati were diplaying a similar 5000 GT 'Scia di Persia' (#103.004) at the Salone di Torino. This car was purchased by Basil Read, a South African businessman. Two 5000GT were built this year – both with Touring bodies. The first two 5000 GTs were powered by an engine virtually identical to that which powered the 450S race car the only modifications made were a reduction in the compression ratio from 9.5:1 to 8.5:1 and a slightly larger bore (93.8 mm to 98.5 mm), resulting in an engine capacity of 4935 cc against 4477.9 cc for the 450S. These changes reduced power output from 400 bhp @ 7200 rpm to a more civilised 340 bhp @ 5500 rpm.


3500 GT

3500 GT (R6 cyl, 3485 cm³, 220 cv)
   Touring Coupé
   Vignale Spyder

3500 GT Touring Coupé


5000 GT

5000 GT (V8 cyl, 4937 cm³, 325 cv)
   #103.002 Touring (21-08-1959)
   #103.004 Touring (30-10-1959)

5000 GT #103.004 at Turin Motor Show.

5000 GT by Touring

5000 GT (#103.002) 'Shah of Persia'


250S (R4 cyl, 2490 cm³) - discontinued (1957-59 - 4 ex.)
Tipo 60 (R4 cyl, 1990 cm³) - new model
Tipo 61 (R4 cyl, 2890 cm³) - new model

Tipo 61

Tipo 61

  Targa Florio entries: (24.05.1959) Scuderia: Results:
#134 A6 GCS/53 Boffa / Drogo Centro Sud 5th
#138 A6 GCS/53 Vaccarella / Allotta 10th