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Maserati 1965

3500 GTI - discontinued
3500 GTI Sebring - discontinued
Sebring - new model
5000 GT - discontinued
Mexico 3700 J - prototype


Maserati offers four models namely two coupes and a convertible with 3.5 or 3.7 liter injection engine and the sedan with four-valveV-8 engine. While the Coupe Sebring has already existed for several years, the Coupe Due Posti has only recently been added. A peculiarity of the very low, elegantly drawn two-seater is the huge window in the flat rear. Maserati's most notable novelty, however, is a four-door salono Quattroporte. This luxury vehicle, presumably the fastest in its kind in the world, has a V8 engine derived from the earlier 450 S racing machine. 4 camshafts and 4 Weber carburetors are among the specialties of this exquisite engine. The body comes from Frua. These elegant and sophisticated high performance cars are surprisingly easy to steer, shift and brake.

Last 2 of 5000 GT were made this year with Touring and Frua bodywork. 34 were built.
Sebring series II have redesigned headlights surrounds, wrap around front indicators and side venti ports moved just behind top of wheel arches. Rear lights also are changed from vertical to horizontal. 348 of series I were made.
Built in May 1965 on the same tubular chassis as the 3500GT (2600 mm wheelbase), prototype Mexico is fitted with the six cylinder 3.7-litre Lucas fuel injected engine as fitted to the Mistral.


3500 GTI

3500 GTI (R6 cyl, 3485 cm³, 236 cv) - discontinued
   Touring Coupé

wrong year



3500 GTI (R6 cyl, 3485 cm³, 235 cv) - discontinued
Sebring (R6 cyl, 3692 cm³, 245 cv) - new model
   Coupé Vignale

Sebring series I

Sebring series II

Sebring series II – British June advert.



Mistral (R6 cyl, 3692 cm³, 245 cv)



Quattroporte (V8 cyl, 4136 cm³, 260 cv)


5000 GT

5000 GT (V8 cyl, 4941 cm³, 340 cv) - discontinued
   # 103.090 Touring
   # 103.100 Frua

5000 GT #103.090 by Touring



3700 J (R6 cyl, 3692 cm³) - prototype

3700 J by Frua


Tipo 151 (V8 cyl, 4941 cm³) - discontinued (1962-65 - 3 ex.)
Tipo 65 (V8 cyl, 5055 cm³) - new model (1965-65 - 1 ex.)

Entries and results:
24h Le Mans 20.06.1965 Entrant: Results: Index
#   chassis #     gen. class perf. eff.
8 Tipo 65 65001 Siffert/Neerpasch J. Simone fail. - - -

Maserati Tipo 65, chassis #65002, engine: 5054 cm³ (Jo Siffert / Jochen Neerpasch) at 24h Le Mans, J. H. (Johnny Simone).