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Maserati 1966

Mexico - Paris
Ghibli - Turin


Single rectangular headlamps of the Quattroporte are replaced with two pairs of round lamps to permit licencing of the car in the United States. New interior is finished with walnut. Air conditioning is now a standard. It's the only car in the world, along with Rolls Royce, providing this feature as a standard. The rear De Dion suspension is replaced with rigid axle.
The new Ghibli presented at Turin Motor Show has body decigned by Giorgetto Giugiaro at Ghia studio.

Six-cylinder Mistrale with convertible or coupe coachwork by Italy's top names. Twin-cam engine has Lucas fuel injection and comes in three sizes; 3.5-litre 235 h.p., 3.7-litre 245 h.p. and 4-litre 255 h.p. The 5-speed gearbox is naturally all-synchromesh. Sebring coupe has electrically operated windows. Automatic transmission can be fitted to all cars and convertible has a snug hard top as option.
MAGNIFICENTLY maintaining the traditions of the Trident, fast but roomy Quattroporte, with V8 four-camshaft engine and five-speed gearbox shows several changes for 1967. Twin pairs of circular headlamps replace the rectangular ones, permitting use of superpower iodine vapour projectors. Air conditioning is now provided and air ducts along the centre tunnel supply the rear compartment. Interior trim is revised, with mahogany facia
(London report)



Sebring 3500 (R6 cyl, 3485 cm³, 235 cv)
Sebring 3700 (R6 cyl, 3692 cm³, 245 cv)
Sebring 4000 (R6 cyl, 4014 cm³, 255 cv)
   Coupé Vignale

Sebring 3700 GTiS



Mistral 3700 (R6 cyl, 3692 cm³, 245 cv)
Mistral 4000 (R6 cyl, 4014 cm³, 255 cv)



Quattroporte (V8 cyl, 4136 cm³, 260 cv)



Mexico (V8 cyl, 4709 cm³, 290 cv) - new model



Ghibli (V8 cyl, 4709 cm³, 330 cv) - new model




Belgian GP, Spa : Jochen Rindt, Cooper-Maserati T81