Classic Car Catalogue

Mercedes Benz 1949

(W 136) 170V, 170D
(W 136 IV) 170S - May


Linia montażowa w zakładach w Untertürkheim.

In May Type 170 D was added. It looks exactly like the 170 V type the only difference beeing the diesel derived from the petrol unit and recognizable by two cylinder head covers.It is the first post-war diesel car.
Also in May the 170 S, not much bigger, but much more elegant and representative than the 170 V. It is a further development of the type 170 V with a larger body of the pre-war type 230, a new front suspension and improved engine performance. Standard-fit ventilation system that can be combined with a heater as an optional extra. It is available as a saloon, Convertible B and highly luxurious Convertible A.


170V, 170D

W 136
  170V (R4 cyl, 1697 ccm, 38 PS)
  170D (R4 cyl, diesel, 1697 ccm, 38 PS) - May
    Limousine (wb: 2845 mm)

170 V Krankenwagen, Aufbau Lueg.

170 V Krankenwagen, Aufbau Lueg



W 136 IV - May
  170S (R4 cyl, 1767 ccm, 52 PS)
    Limousine (wb: 2845 mm)
    Cabriolet A (wb: 2845 mm)
    Cabriolet B (wb: 2845 mm)