Classic Car Catalogue

MG 1935

KN-type Magnette – discontinued in October
PA-type Midget – discontinued in July
PB-type Midget – new model in July
N-type Magnette – discontinued in June
R-type (racing car) – April-May - 10 ex.

Great Britain

Tylko rok trwała produkcja modelu PA, ale powstało 1396 roadsterów, 498 tourerów, 28 Coupé i 57 podwozi. Następca, model PB ma większy silnik o mocy 43 KM.
P-Series was developed from the J-Series and has a sturdier chassis, better brakes, three-bearing crankshaft and other refinements. The PB-type Midget is available in Two-seater, Four-seater and Airline Coupé variants and have a 939-cc (60x83 mm) four-cylinder engine, developing 43 bhp at 5500 rpm. Its immediate predecessor, the 1934 PA Midget had a 36-bhp 847-cc (57x83 mm) engine. Both engines had overhead camshaft, twin SU carburettors and four-speed gearbox.
The PB-type has an increased displacement of 939 cc and a slatted radiator grille instead of plain as on the PA. Some 2500 of the P-Series were produced.
NA Magnette Four-seater is one of several models available in the six-cylinder N-Series. It have a 1286-cc OHC engine with twin SU carburettors, developing 56 bhp at 5500 rpm. and four-speed gearbox.
The R-type is an another attempt to capture the glories of racing by the MG Car Company. The R type represents the further experimentation in redesigned chassis and suspension started in the Q type, this time in monoposto or single-seater configuration.
By the middle of 1935, the range was modified slightly with the introduction on the NB. All previous N types were henceforth known as NA. The NB have exactly the same chassis and running gear as the NA except that the gearbox reverted to the old L type design with closer ratios on 1st and 2nd gears. The NB body now sports a scuttle reduced in height by three quarters of an inch and front-hinged doors with elegant curved door hinges. The other styling change to the NB is the substitution of the ‘lattice grill’ on the radiator, which had been a feature of most MGs up to this time, with a slatted radiator grill.

PA-type Midget

wb: 7' 3½'' 4 cyl.
847 cc
36 bhp
– discontinued in July
two-seat sports   1396 ex.
four-seat   498 ex.
Airline Coupé   28 ex.


Auto (ČS) June 1935

Pb-type Midget

wb: 7' 3½'' 4 cyl.
939 cc
43 bhp
– new model in July



NA-type Magnette

wb: 8' 0'' 6 cyl.
1271 cc
56 bhp
– discontinued in June
two-seat, NA 176 ex.
four-seat NA 234 ex.
Allingham NA 16 ex.
Saloon NA 1 ex.
Airline Coupé NA 6 ex.
  NB – new model in June.


MG NA Magnette Airline Coup é


KN Magnette

wb: 9' 0''   – discontinued in October
Saloon/UM tourer   201 ex.


MG KN Magnette Pilllarless Saloon
Total of 460 cars and chassis of K-type were built between July 1932 and Octoner 1935.

K3 (1086 cc)        
PA (846 cc)        
PB (846 cc)        
R-type 4 cyl. 746 cc, 113 bhp wb: 7' 6 1/2''     April-May - 10 ex.


  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
15.06.1935 24h Le Mans 8 7 4 42 K3 Maillard-Brune / Druck 9th 751→1100 1st
15-16.06.1935 1000 mil československých 4 4 1 31 1287 ccm Fišer / Pacovský 14th 1100→1500 2nd

Magnette K3 1086 cc (Maurice Baumer / John Ludovic Ford) at Le Mans.

1st in 751-1100 cc class and 2nd in performance index at 24h Le Mans: #42 MG Magnette K3 1086 cc (Philippe Maillard-Brune / Charles Druck) (index 1.29000).

Le Mans.

Le Mans.

Le Mans.

Masaryk Grand Prix; Zdeněk Pohl; MG K3 Magnette 1.1; acc.

Midget, 6th April, London?, Brooklands?

Midget, International Trophy, Brooklands, Evans, chased by ERA.
  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
19-27.01.1935 Rallye Monte Carlo 3 3 3 94 Cotton Magnette 54th