Classic Car Catalogue

MG 1949

TC 1250 cc 54 bhp   - discontinued
YA 1250 cc 46 bhp    
YT 1250 cc 46 bhp    
TD 1250 cc 54 bhp   - new model

Great Britain

MG Midget TC was produced from November 1945 until December 1949, during which period the impressive total of about 10,000 was made.
TD replacement for the TC using a shortened version of the Y type chassis. Issigonis designed coil spring ifs and rack and pinion steering, still 55 bhp from the 1250 engine. Slightly better top speed of 80 mph. Disc wheels and wider spaced gears, but roomier body and better ride than the TC.

MG TC and YA


MG 1¼ Litre Convertible by Reinbolt & Christie at Geneva Motor Show.





  24h Le Mans 25.06.1949 Entrant: Results:
        gen. class
#42 TC Special Phillips / Dryden Phillips dsq -

MG TC 'Special Body' 1,250 cc. (George Phillips / Len Dryden) at Le Mans.