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MG 1959

Magnette ZA – discontinued (1953-59 - 36.601 ex.)
Magnette Mk III – new model

Great Britain

50.000 samochód opuszcza fabrykę w Abingdon.

Magnette Mark III to następca ZB Magnette, występujący na rynku również jako Wolseley 6/99 i Riley 4/68. Rozstaw osi zmalał do 252 cm, natomiast długość wzrosła do 452 cm. Do napędu wykorzystano silnik z Magnette o mocy podniesionej do 67 KM. Nadwozie stylizował Pininfarina. Z tymi samymi nadwoziami jeżdżą też Austin i Morris.

MG MGA 1600, in Fixed Head Coupé and Sports Roadster form, was introduced in July 1959 as replacement for the earlier MGA which was powered by a 1489-cc engine and had been in production for almost four years. The '1600' engine is a four-cylinder, 1588-cc, ohv unit (dimensionally identical to the ohc unit fitted in the 1600 'Twin Cam' model) which develops 79.5 bhp at 5600 rpm and the car features a number of modifications including restyled rear wing plinths and front disc brakes.
MG Magnette Mark III 'Farina' Saloon succeed the Magnette ZB Saloon early in the year. As with the other BMC models in this class the body is styled by Pinin Farina; it is distinguishable mainly by its traditional MG radiator grille. The 1½-litre engine has twin carburettors and develops 66.5 bhp at 5200 rpm.



R4 cyl.
1489 cc
72 bhp
R4 2ohc
1588 cc
108 bhp
R4 ohv
1588 cc
79.5 bhp
Roadster  MGA Twin Cam - – discontinued
Coupé MGA Twin Cam - – discontinued
Roadster  - - 1600 – new model
Coupé - - 1600 – new model

MGA 1600 Roadster

MGA 1600 Coupé



  R4 cyl.
1489 cc
69 bhp
ZB Saloon   – discontinued


Magnette Mark III

  R4 cyl.
1489 cc
66.5 bhp
Saloon   – new model


MG Magnette Mark III. "Bezpieczna szybkość z większą przestrzenią."


wb: 2440 mm R4 cyl
1498 cc
290 bhp
EX 181  


Entries and results:
  24h Le Mans 21.06.1959 Entrant: Results:
#         gen. class perf.index
33 MGA 1.588 cc Lund / Escott   fail. - -

MG A Twin Cam, chassis #YD3/627/5, engine: 1.588 cc. (Ted Lund / Colin Escott) at Le Mans.

October 5th records:  
1km 410,15 km/h
1 mile 409,60 km/h
5 km 374,84 km/h
5 miles 383,52 km/h
10 km 377,29 km/h
10 miles 307,63 km/h