Classic Car Catalogue

Morgan 1935

Great Britain

Super Sports (V2 cyl, 4 suw, 990 cm³, 39 KM) (Matchless MX2)
F-2 – new model
F-4 – restyling
Delivery Van – ost.rok

Super Sports


In 1933-35 Sports and Super Sports engines changed from J.A.P. to Matchless MX, MX2 and MX4 and body style from Beetleback to Barrelback.

For 1935 the barrel-body with spare wheel on the end was adopted for the F-model Super Sports.

The F-4 is built with a 4-cylinder inline 8hp Ford model "Y" engine.

The F-2 is a 2-seater bodywork on a 4-seater chassis with an 8 or 10hp Ford model "Y" engine. It was sold with no doors at all or a single door on the passenger side.

Morgan Family Model claimed to offer 'the cheapest form of comfortable motoring for more than one person'. It was a four-seater three-wheeler with V-twin side-valve water-cooled engine. Road tax was only Ł4 per year, and the car costs £105 (£96 12s. in 1936).