Classic Car Catalogue

Morgan 1938

Great Britain

Super Sports
F-4 – restyling
F-2 – ost.rok
F-Super - new model
4/4 (R4 cyl,)

Morgan 4/4




Three Wheeler Super Sport (V2 cyl, 4 suw, 990 cm³, 39 KM) (Matchless MX2) - ost.rok, powstało ok. 400 szt. ???

F-2 is a 2-seater bodywork on a 4-seater chassis with an 8 or 10hp Ford model "Y" engine. It is sold with no doors at all or a single door on the passenger side.

The "F" Super is built up on a new chassis and fitted with a Ford 8 or 10hp engine. It could be obtained with either just a door on the passenger side or two doors.
Morgan 4/4 has 9.8 HP Coventry Climax four-cylinder engine, four-speed gearbox and spiral bevel final drive.
Morgan three-wheelers has Ford Eight and Ten engines, or 990-cc V-twin, with three-speed gearbox.

4/4 Coupé





  24h Le Mans 18.06.1938   Results:
No. Model Driver Entrant gen. class  
40 4-4 Fawcett / White P. M. Fawcett 13th 751-1100 5th


Le Mans.