Classic Car Catalogue

Morgan 1976

  wb: 4 cyl.
1599 cc
84 bhp
V8 cyl.
3528 cc
155 bhp
4/4 8' 0'' (244 cm) -
Plus 8 8' 2'' (249 cm) -

Great Britain

MORGAN 4/4 £2,983
Nostalgia for motoring as it once was, yearning for lost youth, or the determination of those now young to enjoy their motoring; all these reasons explain why faithful enthusiasts of all ages queue up for delivery of the hand-built two seaters and open tourers coming out of the little works at Malvern. A Ford 1.6-litre engine powers the 4/4. Paintwork, upholstery, wheels and other items can be arranged to customer's choice.

MORGAN PLUS 8 £3,978
Under the familiar exterior of Morgan's top performer, with its Rover V8 engine, are several significant changes. More body parts are in aluminium and the gearbox is now a Rover 5-speed, so overall weight is down by over 30 lb. Track is wider for still greater stability, there are bigger tyres mounted on 14-inch instead of 15-inch alloy wheels. A steel platform chassis and sliding pillar front suspension remain Morgan characteristics.