Classic Car Catalogue

Morris 1951

Minor MM  
Oxford MO  
Six MS  
Eight series Z  

Great Britain



wb: 86 in.
(2184 mm)
4 cyl. sv
918 cc
27.5 bhp
- facelift
Saloon 2-dr MM  
Tourer/Convertible MM  
Saloon 4-dr MM  


Morris Minor, Series MM, four-door Saloon was announced in October 1950 as an addition to the popular two-door Saloon and Tourer versions which had been introduced in 1948. Apart from the different door arrangement, this version is externally distinguishable from the other two by having larger headlamps set high in the wings, with separate sidelamps positioned alongside the radiator grille. Early in 1951 this modification was also incorporated on the two-door models. Other improvements common to all versions are twin windscreen wipers and one-piece bumpers. A painted radiator grille in place of chromium was introduced in March 1951. From June 1951, the Minor Tourer is known as Convertible.

Minor MM series II

Minor MM series II


wb: 97 in.
(2464 mm)
4 cyl.
1476 cc
41 bhp
Saloon MO  




wb: 110 in.
(2794 mm)
6 cyl. ohv
2215 cc
66 bhp
Saloon MS