Classic Car Catalogue

Morris 1954

Minor MM series II - facelift
Oxford MO - discontinued (1948-54 - 159.960 ex.)
Six MS - discontinued (1948-53 - 12.400 ex.)
Cowley - new model in July
Oxford II - new model
Isis - new model

Great Britain



wb: 86 in.
(2184 mm)
4 cyl. ohv
803 cc
30 bhp
- facelift
Saloon 2-dr MM s.II  
Convertible MM s.II  
Saloon 4-dr MM s.II  
Traveller MM s.II  


Morris Minor Series II Traveller is a new variant with shooting-brake style bodywork. The ash body frame is panelled in aluminium from the driving compartment back. The rear seat folds flat to give additional luggage space. The wheelbase size is the same as the other Morris Minor models, namely 7 ft 2 in. Later type grille MM, better seats and central speedo from 1954

Canadian advert. for the Convertible


wb: 97 in.
(2464 mm)
4 cyl.
1476 cc
41 bhp
- discontinued
Saloon MO  
Traveller MO  




wb: 110 in.
(2794 mm)
6 cyl. ohv
2215 cc
66 bhp
Saloon MS  


The Morris Six was discontinued in March 1954-some two months before the announcement of the Series II Oxford.


wb: 2464 mm 4 cyl. ohv
1200 cc
42 bhp
Saloon   - new model in July


Cowley has the 1200-cc 42 bhp engine which also powers the contemporary Austin A40 range of models.

Oxford II

  wb: 97 in.
(2500 mm)
4 cyl.
1489 cc
50 bhp
  Saloon   - new model


Morris Oxford Series II is powered by the BMC B-Series 1½ -litre 50-bhp OHV engine. It has a new mono-construction body which, although having the same wheelbase and track as the preceding Series MO, is much roomier.
July 1954 The Motor

Supplied by Messrs. Forenade Bils of Malmo, this Morris Oxford was recently delivered to the Queen of Sweden. In this picture (left) Lady Nuffield is presenting the keys of the car to Baron C. E. von Platen, the Royal Equerry.


wb: 107.5 in.
(2731 mm)
6 cyl.
2639 cc
80 bhp
Saloon   - ?


Morris Isis is a replacement for the Morris Six. Introduced in 1954, itis visually almost identical to the Oxford but with slightlylonger bonnet to contain the 80 bhp 2639 six cylinder C seriesunit from the Austin A90. Gear change is on the column, steeringis by Bishop cam, and suspension brakes and tyres are beefed up to take the extra weight and power.