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Nash 1951


Hash Healey – new model

Nash prezentuje najnowocześniejsze samochody świata... Nowe Airflytes.

 60 Custom 2 Door Brougham  
 60 Custom 2 Door Sedan
 60 Custom 4 Door Sedan  
 60 Super 2 Door Brougham  
 60 Super 2 Door Sedan  
 60 Super 4 Door Sedan
 Custom 2 Door Brougham  
 Custom 2 Door Sedan  
 Custom 4 Door Sedan  
 Deluxe 2 Door Brougham
 Deluxe 2 Door Business Coupé  
 Deluxe 2 Door Sedan
 Deluxe 4 Door Sedan  
 Super 2 Door Brougham  
 Super 2 Door Business Coupé  
 Super 2 Door Sedan  
 Super 4 Door Sedan
 2 Door Convertible  
 2 Door Country Club  
 2 Door Stn Wgn  
 2 Door Utility Wgn  
 Custom 2 Door Stn Wgn



Ambassador and Statesman

Ambassador Custom 2-Door Sedan

Statesman Custom 4-Door Sedan

Ambassador Custom 4-Door Sedan








Nash Healey


For Top Speed ...
Performance and Comfort!

  Never have you seen a sports car like this! A classic beauty that offers all the style and features of the famous Healey, plus the smooth power flow of the Nash Ambassador engine and transmission. For beauty, speed, performance and comfort, the new Nash-Healey has no equal among sports cars anywhere.
The Leader—On The Speedway As On The Highway
  There is only one way to know the thrill that belongs exclusively to the owner of a Nash Healey. Just slip behind the wheel and touch toe to throttle. Feel the smooth power flow as you cruise at 100 effortless miles per hour ... up to 125 M.P.H. when you desire.
  Settle back in the wide, soft seat that offers more room than any other sports car. Notice how the Nash-Healey grips the road. The low center of gravity and the famous Healey steering characteristics fairly pull the car around the sharpest curve with fingertip steering ease.
  The Nash-Healey Sports Car has been proved under the most grueling competitive conditions, as well as in many thousands of miles of pleasure-full driving ... In the 1950 running of the world-famous Grand Prix Road Race at LeMans, France where its speed, durability and economy set new records ... on the roads and highways of England and the Continent.
  Considered by every standard, the new Nash Healey tops all sports cars!




Nash - Healey at Chicago Motor Show.