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Ambasador V8 Sedan


Ambasador dostępny jest w dwóch wersjach: sedan i 2 drzwiowy hardtop. Jednostkę napędową dzieli ze swoim krewniakiem z nowego koncernu American Motors Corporation - Hudsonem Hornet V8.
Sprzedawany jako osobna marka Metropolitan jest prawdziwym mikrusem wśród amerykańskich krążowników. Produkowany w Anglii, w zakładach Austina wyposażony jest w europejski silnik 1,5 l, stosowany w Morrisie Oxford. Nadwozie o rozstawie osi 2159 mm (Ambasador - 3080 mm) i długości 3790 mm (5570 mm) dostępne jest jako Coupé lub kabriolet.

From 1956, known as Metropolitan 1500, Styling changes included new grille, bonnet top air scoop deleted, and side chrome strip. During 1954-56 it earned over 35 million dollars and for some time it was the best-selling British-built car in the USA.

On March 19 Nash Concessionaires LTD. announced the introduction of an improved version of the Austin-built Nash Metropolitan. Two models-convertible and hardtop-are available, the cars being made primarily for export to America, and for sale in this country to members of the American and Canadian armed forces only.
Most important feature of the new Metropolitan is the fitting of the Austin A 50 engine, which is claimed to give the car a top speed of 78 m.p.h. Among the many other changes are the use of an 8in clutch, a simple concealed lock for the spare wheel, and a number of small styling alterations. Standard equipment on both models includes radio, heater, two-tone colour scheme, cigarette lighter and sun visors; tubeless tyres are fitted.
This new version of the car, which is claimed to be the second best seller among cars imported to America, is to be called the Metropolitan 1500.
(Autocar, March 1956)



AMBASSADOR (V8, 5773 cm³, 223 KM SAE)
 50 Special Custom 2 Door Sedan
 50 Special Custom 4 Door Sedan
 50 Special Super 4 Door Sedan
 60 Super 4 Door Sedan
 80 Custom 2 Door Hardtop Coupé
 80 Custom 4 Door Sedan
 80 Super 4 Door Sedan 


Country Club

Country Club

Country Club

Ambassador Special Hardtop introduced mid-year.




 Super 4 Door Sedan 


Statesman Sedan




  4 cyl.
(1200 cm³)
42 hp
4 cyl.
(1489 cm³)
52 hp
2 Door Hardtop Coupé 1200 1500
2 Door Convertible 1200 1500
  discont. new model



Metropolitan Coupé


Metropolitan Convertible


Prototype by Pinin Farina

Prototype by Pinin Farina