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NSU 1970

Prinz 4L
1000 / TT / TTS
Ro 80


NSU Prinz rear-engined NSU Nergal model, presented as a prototype in the 1970 Turin Motor Show and designed by the Italian designer Aldo Sessano.
NSU 1000 CS
£779 (incl. P.T.)
With a 7ft. 4½-in. wheelbase, the N.S.U. 1000 CS embodies a roomy four-seater body, rear legroom being unusually generous because of the transverse rear engine mounting. The spare wheel is carried vertically in the nose behind which there is space for baggage. The light-alloy engine is air-cooled and it can accelerate the car from rest to 60 m.p.h. in less than 20 seconds - good going for a one-litre four-seater saloon. The 1000 CS is lively, but for the man in a hurry there is the 'TT' with 1200 c.c. four-carburettor 78 b.h.p. engine and 98 m.p.h. on tap.
NSU 1200 CS
£848 (incl. P.T.)
The 1200 CS two-door saloon reflects the motor-cycle background of the Neckarsulm firm, for the rear-transverse four-cylinder engine is a light-alloy, air-cooled unit with a chaindriven overhead camshaft. Of only 1177 c.c. it develops a whopping 69 (SAE) h.p., and the performance is extremely lively. It is a roomy four-seater and luggage lives in the front bonnet. The manual 1200 C has a fourspeed all-synchromesh gearbox but there is also an automatic with selective transmission which permits, the driver to change gear himself, or to go fully automatic.
NSU Ro 80
£2,589 (incl. P.T.)
No changes to the amazing Ro80 which is powered by Dr. Felix Wankel's revolutionary rotary engine. With front wheel drive, semi-automatic transmission, and wedge-shaped aerodynamic four-door bodywork, the advanced German car would be outstanding even without its unusual motor. The N.S.U. Company (now a member of the VW Group) used to make racing and record - breaking motor - cycles and were the first manufacturers to recognise the potential of the smooth-running Wankel engine. The Ro80 uses the engine in two-rotor form and develops a quiet 113½ h.p. from a rated one litre!

London show report

Prinz 4

4 L (2 cyl, 598 cm³, 30 PS; wb 2040mm)


1000, TT and TTS

1000 (4 cyl, 996 cm³, 43 PS; 2250 mm)
TT (4 cyl, 1177 cm³, 65 PS; 2250 mm)
TTS (4 cyl, 996 cm³, 70 PS; 2250 mm)

NSU 1000

NSU 1000





1200 / 1200C (4 cyl, 1177 cm³, 55 PS; 2440 mm)


Ro 80

(2 rotor, 497,5 cm³, 115 PS; 2869 mm)