Classic Car Catalogue

Oakland 1931




V8 Series 301 (V8 cyl., 251, 85 h.p.; wb: 117 in.)
  Sport Roadster
  Sport Coupe
  Standard Coupe
  Convertible Cabriolet
  Custom Sedan


The Series 301 is available in six different body styles including a Coupé, sedan, and convertible Coupé. The most expensive is the custom sedan which sold for $1,055. The bodies, designed by Fisher, are mostly carry over from the prior year, but did grow in length and moved closer to the ground. They are similar to their Pontiac siblings but with a wheelbase that is five-inches longer, at 117-inches. The engine is a 251 cubic-inch V8 that produce 85 horsepower and a new synchromesh three-speed gearbox is fitted as standard. The 13-inch diameter drums provide the stopping power.

Oakland produced 13,408 examples of their Model 301 in 1931 before production ended on October 8th of 1931.