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Oldsmobile 1941 


Dynamic Cruiser
Custom Cruiser

Oldsmobile for 1941



Econo-Master R6 cyl., 238, 100 bhp
Straight-8 R8 cyl., 257, 110 bhp

Powstał dwumilionowy samochód tej marki.
Tegoroczna oferta po raz pierwszy obejmuje trzy modele z dwoma rozstawami osi i silnikami 6- lub 8-cylindrowymi. Sprzedaż osiągnęła poziom 270.040 sztuk.

3 SIXES . . . . 3 EIGHTS
All Offering Hydra-Matic Drive
OOK THROUGH the Oldsmobile line! You'll find a buy for every buyer – a price for every purse – a style for every taste. In short, Oldsmobile offers such a variety of combinations that you practically can design your own car to suit your own ideas of what a motor car should be. There are twenty diffrent models – three Sixes and three Eights. A wide range of specially designed accessories permits you to individualize any model even further, to suit your own ideas ... If yoy want a big, luxurious car, custom tailored and custom styled, but desire the economy advantages of a Six - Olds builds it for you. Or if you want a car that compares with the lowest in original cost, but would like the sensational performance of a big straight-eight engine, Olds builds that too. In fact, you can just about write your own ticket. Put down the various attributes you consider desirable in a motor car, and leave the rest to Oldsmobile. And remember, Oldsmobile is the most modern car in the world in both styling and engineering. Hydra-Matic Drive, designed, developed, and introduced by Oldsmobile, and optional at extra cost on all models, is considered by experts and public alike, the greatest engineering advancent of the age. Further, Oldsmobile is not only styled and engineered for leadership – Oldsmobile is built to last. Oldsmobile is America's oldest car manufacturer, and throughtout 43 years it has established a world-wide reputation for quality, endurance and depdability. Look at Oldsmobile. Drive it. Talk to owners. Then, ask your Oldsmobile dealer to work out an individualised Oldsbile for you.


Special Six and Eight
series 66 and 68


America's Most Luxurios Low Priced Car

Business Coupé (6 only)
2-Door Sedan (6 only)
Station Wagon (6 only)
Club Coupé (6 and 8)
4-Door Sedan (6 and 8)
Convertible Coupé (6 and 8)
4-Door Town Sedan (6 and 8)

wb: 119 in.

Special Four-Door Sedan

Special Business Coupé



Special Two-Door Sedan

Special Club Coupé

Special Convertible

Station Wagon

NOW, for the first time, OIdsmobile offe rs a real cruiser-style model to buyers of low-priced cars. Its the big, beautifull six-passenger "Special" Town Sedan, available with 100 H.P. Econo-Master Six or 110 H.P. Straight-Eight engine. Yet with all its extra size, extra comfort, extra performance and extra luxury, this grand new car is priced just above the lowest! See your Oldsmobile dealer. Take a ride in this new addition to the year's Style-leader line. You'll find that the Olds "Special" Town Sedan is the extra-special buy of' the low-price field.
Compare de luxe models of lowest cars – the kind most people buy – with the big, luxurious Oldsmobile Special. You'll find little difference in price, but in cars a tremendous difference – all in Olds' favor!
*Hydra-Matic Drive Optional at Extra Cost

Special Town Sedan


Dynamic Cruiser Six and Eight
series 76 and 78


Super-Streamlined ... Massively Modern Styled and Built for Years to Come

Club Sedan (6 and 8)
4-Door Sedan (6 and 8)

wb: 125 in.

Dynamic Cruiser De Luxe Four-Door Sedan

Dynamic Cruiser De Luxe Club Sedan with optional rear wheel covers.


Dynamic Cruiser Club Sedan

Dynamic Cruiser Four-Door Sedan

Custom Cruiser Six and Eight
series 96 and 98

Club Coupé (6 and 8)
Convertible Coupé (6 and 8)
4-Door Sedan (6 and 8)
Convertible Phaeton (8 only)

wb: 125 in.

Custom Cruiser Four-Door Sedan

Custom Cruiser Convertible Coupé

Custom Cruiser Convertible Phaeton

Custom Cruiser Club Coupé

Custom Cruiser