Classic Car Catalogue

Opel 1940

Kadett (do maja powst. 107 tys. szt)
Olympia (do pażdziernika powst. 86212 szt)
Admiral (powst. 6404 szt.)
Kapitän (do pażdziernika powst. 25374 szt.)


Do momentu zakończenia produkcji cywilnej w październiku, firma wypuściła łącznie 1.003.585 samochodów.

3422 two door Kapitän saloons, 17144 four door limousines, 4560 four-seater convertibles and 248 chassis (mainly for two-seater convertibles), a total of 25374 units. General Motors sold the Opel Kapitän abroad, even during the war, as the Opel Super Six.
Of the company Meanies there were ambulances on the same base. The production of the Opel Admiral mu (3rd soon be set already in October 1939 after the outbreak of war, because each engine for the now more urgent benotigten trucks needed After all, it brought the grol3e car to an impressive stucco figures. 3500 sedans, 2314 convertibles and 590 chassis for special structures for a total of 6404 units were completed.



Kadett (2337 mm) - discontinued in May. 17.871 Kadett and 56.335 Kadett Spezial were produced.
(R4 cyl, 1074 cm³, 23 PS)
  Limousine 2-dr (KJ 38)
  Limousine 2-dr Spezial (K 38)
  Cabrio-Limousine 2-dr Spezial (K 38)
  Limousine 4-dr Spezial (K 38)


Limousine Spezial

Limousine Spezial



Olympia (2430 mm) - discontinued in October. 86.212 cars were made.
(R4 cyl, 1488 cm³, 37 PS)
  Limousine 2-dr (OL 38)
  Cabrio-Limousine 2-dr (OL 38)
  Limousine 4-dr (OL 38)



Kapitän (2695 mm) - discontinued in October.
(R6 cyl, 2473 cm³, 55 PS)
  Limousine 2-dr
  Limousine 4-dr
  Cabriolet 2-dr
  Cabriolet Hebmuller






Admiral (3155 mm) - discontinued
(R6 cyl, 3626 cm³, 75 PS)
  Limousine 4-dr
  Cabriolet 4-dr
  Cabriolet Hebmuller
  Pullman-Limousine Hebmuller