Classic Car Catalogue

OSI 1966

St Tropez    
2600 De Luxe Alfa Romeo    
Ford Anglia Torino    
Ford 20M/TS – Geneva  
Cross Country – Turin  
Ford Mustang – Turin  
1100 R Spider – Geneva – prototype  
Scarabeo Alfa Romeo – prototype – Paris  
Marbon CRV – prototype – Paris  
City Car – prototype – Turin  



2600 Alfa Romeo De Luxe took the more powerful 145bhp version of the engine as used in the Alfa Spider and Alfa Sprint versions of the 2600. The car is sold officially through Alfa Romeo and have the model designation 106.16.

Berlina Alfa Romeo 2600 De Luxe

1200 Coupé Michelotti

OSI 1100R Spider based on Fiat 1100R was shown at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show.

Fiat 1100R Spider

Ford OSI 20M TS launched at Geneva Motor Show.

Another prototype appeared also at the Turin car show, designed on Mustang chassis with a 271 HP engine, 4-speed transmission, 4 disk brakes and 195/14 tires. Only few cars were sold.

Ford Mustang

Marbon CRV based on Renault Alpine 1100 prototype built in cooperation between OSI and American company Marbon Chemical. The entire car, including the chassis is made of plastic. Sports roadster appeared at the International Exhibition of Plastics and Rubbers organized in May in Paris.

OSI Cross Country made its debiut at the Turin Motor Show of 1966. It is based on the Fiat 124, but with major changes. The wheelbase is shortened to 2020mm and the whole chassis strengthened. The rear axle is a Fiat Campagnola unit, complete with locking differential. The body features removable doors and hood.

Cross Country Fiat 124


850 Berlinette Michelotti Siata

Improved by OSI Alpine looks very bland indeed.

Alpine A-110 1100 Berlinette Tour de France

Scarabeo Alfa Romeo

Paris Motor Show.

Scarabeo presented at Paris Motor Show is a plastic bodied, built on a tubular chassis Coupé powered by Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA 1570cc engine. The power unit is located behind two seats. The fuel is stored in the large diameter tubes which form parts of the chassis structure. The wheelbase is 2150mm. Three cars were built, two Coupés (the first with right-hand-drive, the second with left-hand-drive) and a single spider version.


Scarabeo at Paris Motor Show.

City Car built in collaboration with the Quattroruote magazine based on DAF chassis at Turin Motor Show.