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Request – prototype 



NEW TORSION-LEVEL RIDE automatically levels the load ... smooths the road. Imagine not knowing or caring whether the road under you is rough and pitted or boulevard smooth! Imagine being able to round curves in a car that stays stable and under full driver control. Imagine streaking along at highway speeds with never a hint of sway and braking to an emergency stop with no suggestion of pitch.
Incredible? Yes! And until you experience this new kind of ride, you can't begin to realize the importance of Packard's exclusive system of unitized torsion suspension that makes it possible. Instead of using conventional coil or leaf springs in an attempt to "cushion" the bumps, full-length torsion bars absorb road shocks automatically before they can reach you. And an ingenious power-controlled levelizer keeps the new Packard on an even keel. It clings tenaciously to the road, giving rear wheels more traction, minimizing skid hazards. Driving is easier, less fatiguing, and much safer.
Compare this new Packard with the car you think is the finest made in America today. Give both cars the same tests over the suite terrain. Then decide which offers the most truly luxurious performance.
POWER-PACKED PACKARD V-8'S ... WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL ENGINES ... built by the master motor builders who pioneered the V-type engine. A combustion chamber of radically new design has been combined with the Packard-developed "free breathing" principle to produce the most powerful engines in any motor car ... 260 horsepower ... 275 in the Packard Caribbean.
NEW TWIN ULTRAMATIC TRANSMISSION. Actually two automatic transmissions in one – with a choice of two starts. Simply select the start you want. With either instant take-off or cruising glide, you'll note the difference on both the open road and in traffic.
ADVANCED GRACEFUL STYLING. This new Packard is the most graceful of motor cars -at curbstone or in motion. Long, low lines . . . massive grille ... distinctive rear deck ... every detail of design, like the exclusive Dual Courtesy and Safety Light, forward of the rear fenders, bespeaks Packard distinction and good taste. Interiors are breathtaking ... colors and textures reflect the decorator-smart fashions of today's finest homes. Your Packard dealer will be pleased to demonstrate this new kind of fine car.



  Super 4 Door Sedan
  Deluxe 4 Door Sedan
  Custom 4 Door Sedan
  Panama Super 2 Door Hardtop
  Constellation 2 Door Hardtop


Clipper Custom Sedan

Clipper DeLuxe 4-Door Sedan

Clipper Custom Sedan

Clipper Panama

Clipper Custom Constellation



  Dr Sedan





400 and Caribbean

  2 Door Hardtop
  2 Door Convertible


400 Coupé Hardtop

400 Coupé Hardtop

Caribbean Convertible



Packard's New Torsion-Level Ride*
A new system of unitized Torsion Bar Suspension that levels the load and smooths the road!

                                         *Exclusively available on Packard and Packard Clipper Custom Models.

PERFECTED! Ever since the gasoline buggy first coughed its way into the American scene, the aim of Automotive Engineers has been to improve the quality of the ride. Pneumatic tires, shock absorbers and independent front suspensions were improvements, but they were compromises! Now for the first time, the true answer to automotive ride perfection is found exclusively in Packard's Torsion-Level Ride.

PROVED! Torsion bar suspensions have been proved in the rigors of road racing where failure means defeat, and in tank warfare where failure means disaster. Torsion bar suspension has been improved and perfected by Packard through a unitized system of full-length bars -this is Torsion-Level Ride. The added length gives extra flexibility for passenger car adaptation of this torsion bar suspension.


Request - prototype

Packard developed the "Request" prototype and debuted it at the 1955 Chicago Auto Show. It is based on the 1955 Packard 400 two-door hardtop.


Due to a steady flow of requests to bring out a modern interpretation of its classic pre-war grille, Packard developed the "Request" prototype and debuted it at the 1955 Chicago Auto Show. Based on the 1955 Packard 400 two-door hardtop, the front design on the Request dream car characterize the traditional grille, and the car also wear custom-built split bumpers and modified front sheet metal. Creative Industries constructed the one-of-a-kind Request for Packard, and the handsome 2-tone exterior is painted in pearlescent white, with copper-colored top and side accent strips