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Panhard & Levassor 1930


6 DS 20 CV (X66) 6 cyl, 3507cc - new model
​​ berline
​​ limousine
8 DS 29 CV (X67) 8 cyl, 6350cc - new model
​​ limousine

6 DS limousine – October '29 advertisement

Panhard & Levassor began streamlining its portfolio by abandoning the intermediate models for which the competition is too fierce. The 4 cylinder cars disappear from the catalogues. The new Panhard & Levassor X66 6DS 20CV is probably one of the most beautiful cars made with its elegant lowered line designed by the new designer Louis Bionnier. This is a complete break with the previous productions. Panhard & Levassor is entering an era of modernity. Apart from the engine, derived from very recent six-cylinder Knight-system, everything is new! The chassis has an elaborate construction, forming a very low and rigid structure. The floor has double walls, allowing multiple storage compartments for batteries and tools. "S" stands for “surbaissé” meaning lowered chassis.

16CV Carrosserie Gaston Grummer

Compare this 6 DS with the old 16CV above.

Coachbult 8 DS Coupé


  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
26-29.01.1930 Rallye Monte Carlo 1 ? 0 68 8DS Feitelberg