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Panhard & Levassor 1932


6 CS 13 CV (X68) 6 cyl, 2340 cc, – discontinued
6 CS RL 14 CV (X69) 6 cyl, 2516 cc – new model
6 DS 20CV (X66) 3507cc – discontinued (509 ex.)
6 DS RL 23CV 4080 cc – new model
8 DS 29 CV (X67) 8 cyl, 6350cc


In 1932, the "DS" series evolves with a freewheel system acting on the clutch. This is disengaged by operation the accelerator. 6 is the number of cylinders, D indicates a series, S means lowered chassis and RL stands for “roue libre” (free-wheel).





  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
30.04.1932 British Empire Trophy 1 1 1 44 George Eyston   1st 1500→ 1st

George Eyston starts his Tour d'Honneur on his record-breaking Panhard at 24h Le Mans. 


George Eyston at British Empire Trophy.

Motor SportAugust 1932

New Record for Panhard.

THE "razor-blade" Panhard, which in the hands of G. E. T. Eyston, recently gained the world's hour record, added still further to its laurels at the record meeting arranged by the Belgian R.A.C. Driven by Michel Dore, it broke the Belgian flying kilometre record at an average speed of 222.325 k.p.h., or about 139 m.p.h.


  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
01.1932  Rallye Monte Carlo     1 76 Meyer   42nd