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Panhard 1955


Dyna Z1 (851 cm³, 42 KM; wb: 257 cm)
 berline Luxe
 berline Luxe Spécial
Dyna Junior (851 cm³, 42 KM; wb: 213 cm)

Dyna Z1

Dyna at Auto RAI



Late in 1955 the engine was modified by strengthened the crankshaft and installing a new carburetor. The engine becomes the M5.
From September Dyna Z can be equipped with a Ferlec electromagnetic clutch made by Ferodo.

The Junior model with the MAG booster option has the power of 60 hp and top speed 145 km/h.

In October the two-door break (estate) version by Leffondré was presented at the utility car show in Paris.

The Panhard automotive division is in financial difficulty. A colaboration with Citroen started in 1955. It seems like both companies might benefit from the cooperation. Citroën has huge resources, but focused its production on two diametrically opposed models: the 2CV and the DS / ID . Panhard has a model that could perfectly fill the gap in the range. The two lines complement each other perfectly. Citroën had taken a 25% holding in Panhard's automobile business. In return Panhard gained access to its resources. The Dyna can now compete with the Simca Aronde or Renault . The future seems to smile for Panhard.


F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:
Mille Miglia 30.04.-01.05.1955 (round 3) Results:
#       Entrant: gen. class
50 Dyna   Cotton / Pochon   dsq T750 -    
58 Dyna   Martoglio / Biasca   dnf T750 -    
69 Dyna   Paccagnella / Giustina   dnf T750 -    
80 Dyna   Nannini / Nannini   dnf T750 -    
81 Dyna   Martin / Condrillier   188th T750 11th    
83 Dyna   "Franc"   dnf T750 -    
008 Dyna   Stempert / Bonnet   dnf S750 -    
029 Dyna   Rigamonti / Prandoni   dnf S750 -    
031 Dyna   Zerbini / Zerbini   dnf S750 -    
041 Dyna   Navarro   65th S750 3rd    
050 Dyna   Capuccio / Lampredi   174th S750 10th    
057 Dyna 54   Borelly   208th T1.3 30th    
060 Dyna   Lemerle / Dugueyt   165th T1.3 25th    
102 Dyna 54   Poirot   dnf T1.3 -    
2204 Dyna   Stempert   161st T750 4th    
  24h Le Mans 11.06.1955 (round 4)   Results: perf.
#       Entrant: gen. class
50 Monopole VM 5   Chancel / Chancel Panhard fail. S1.1 - -  
51 Monopole VM 5   Cotton / Beaulieux Panhard fail. S1.1 - -  
52 Monopole X 88   Hémard / Flahault Monopole acc. S750 - -  
53 Monopole X 88   Navarro / Montrémy Monopole fail. S750 - -  
Tourist Trophy 18.09.1955 (round 5) Results:    
#       Entrant: gen. class    
52 X88   Leeper/Lovell-Butt/Barbey Franco-Brittanique dna S750 -    
54 X 88   Chancel / Chancel P.Chancel fail. S750 -    
2nd RMC   Dyna Gillard/ Dugat

Panhard Dyna (Giuseppe Paccagnella (I)/Luigi Della Giustina) at Mille Miglia.