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Peugeot 1935

401 - ost. rok (13,5 tys. szt)
601 - ost. rok - do lipca
402 - premiera na salonie paryskim


W związku z zaprzestaniem produkcji modelu 601 i premierą 402, mówi się o wprowadzeniu równie opływowej limuzyny z silnikiem V8, mającej konkurować z samochodami amerykańskimi. Powstało 3999 egzemplarzy 601 w 6 wersjach nadwozia o rozstawie osi 298 cm względnie 320 cm i długości od 460 do 510 cm.
402 Coupé Eclipse ze sztywnym dachem chowanym elektrycznie do bagażnika (transformable electrique) uświetnił paryską premierę nowego modelu.
The new Peugeot 402 was unveiled in Paris in October. Eight body styles are available on two different chassis. On the standard 124-inch-wheelbase chassis there is the four-door sedan, the "Coach" (a six-passenger Coupé), a convertible, a three-seater roadster with a folding one-piece windscreen and a rumble seat and a utility sedan "Commerciale". The Commerciale looks similar to the sedan but without fender skirts and has a two-piece tailgate for easy loading. On a 130-inch wheelbase there is an eight-passenger sedan called the "Familiale" and a taxi with sunroof and sturdier bumpers. The most spectacular however is the hardtop-convertible "Eclipse" with metal roof that could be electrically retracted into the car's very long tail. It is based on the chassis of the sedan. Peugeot claims it take just 15 seconds to stow the top and that the system's reliability had been proven in 20,000 tries on the prototype. This system first appeared in the 601 series in the beginning of 1934.
The conventional chassis in newly designed specially for the new 402. The all-new 2-litre overhead valve engine develop 55-horsepower giving the car top speed of around 70 mph. Front wheels are independently suspended. Leaf springs were self-lubricating. Surprisingly it retaining cable-actuated mechanical brake system. On the dash panel there is a provision for a radio. Standard three speed gerbox has synchromesh on all gears. Customers can also choose an optional, world's first fully automatic transmission.


201 D/DL (R4, 1307 cm³, 28 KM)
  coach 7 CV

201 D coach


301 D (1465cm³) - nowy model
  limousine grand luxe,
  berline luxe,
  berline commercial,
301 D (1465cm³)

301 D cabriolet

301 Berline Luxe

301 D Coupé


401 D (1720cm³)
  coach golf,
401 DL (1720cm³)
  coach decapotable,
  limousine familiale,
  limousine commerciale


401 D


601 D (6 cyl, 2148cm³) - nowy model, ost. rok
601 D/DL (6 cyl, 2148cm³)
601 L/DL (6 cyl, 2148cm³)
  berline areodynamique,
  coach sport,
  coach profile

601 DL limousine

601 coach

601 berline aerodynamique

601 roadster


402 (4 cyl, 1991 cm³, 55 KM) - premiera
 Berline; wb: 3150 mm
 Commerciale; wb: 3150 mm
 Coach; wb: 3150 mm
 Cabriolet; wb: 3150 mm
 Roadster; wb: 3150 mm
 Coach transformable; wb: 3150 mm
 Familiale; wb: 3330 mm
 Taxi; wb: 3330 mm

Linia montażowa nowego modelu 402.



302 Darl'Mat

Commercial vehicles





  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
19-27.01.1935 Rallye Monte Carlo 6 ? 5 104 Rouxel / Quinlin   8th (->1500 2nd)
          40 Lavalette / de Cortanze 201 18th (->1500 6th)