Classic Car Catalogue

Pontiac 1935

Six wb: 112 in.
Eight wb: 116.6 in.
R6 cyl, L-head
208.0 cu in.
80 hp
R6 cyl, L-head
208.0 cu in.
80 hp
R8 cyl, L-head
223.4 cu in.
84 hp
Coupe Standard Six DeLuxe Six Eight
Sport Coupe - DeLuxe Six Eight
Cabriolet - DeLuxe Six Eight
Sedan 2-dr Standard Six DeLuxe Six Eight
Sedan 4-dr Standard Six DeLuxe Six Eight
Touring Sedan 2-dr Standard Six DeLuxe Six Eight
Touring Sedan 4-dr Standard Six DeLuxe Six Eight


Pontiac delivered its one millionth car since 1926.

Here, at last, is a name for the steel roof innovation that Fisher Bodies have given exclusively to three or four cars. Pontiac calls it Turret-Top. If you like, your all-steel car can just lie down and roll over without injury to its crown. Pontiac sixes are now in the low-price division. Sixes and eights have spare tire buried in a "Speed-lined" rear end, and new modeling of the front end. Sealed chassis, triple-sealed hydraulic brakes. Knee-Action improved by a new method of weight distribution. Engine improvements include silver-alloy bearings, crankcase ventilation, electro-plated pistons, and gusher valve-cooling.

The new Pontiacs attract admiring glances everywhere, and their owners enjoy a pardonable pride in driving the most beautiful thing on wheels. The Pontiac Six offers exactly the same size, the same distinctive radiator, and the same streamlined beauty found in the Pontiac De Luxe Six The Touring Sedan above provides a built-in trunk for additional space in the luggage and tire compartment. Instruments are mounted in a single dial on a handsome panel with a spacious glove compartment. The interiors are smartly upholstered, with all of the comfort features found only in Bodies by Fisher. The roof, of course, is the beautiful solid steel “Turret-Top” - a safety feature no one should overlook.

Pontiac's streamlined beauty is ideally suited to this body type, resulting in a single impression of graceful length and speed. The Pontiac Six is the counterpart of the Pontiac De Luxe Six in size, streamline design and roominess. The popularity of two-door sedans in family service makes the many safety features of the Pontiac Six doubly important, particulary its hydraulic brakes, triple-sealed against water and dirt, and its new solid steel "Turret-Top" Bodies by Fisher. The doors overlap the floor level to keep out drafts, and have been widened considerably for easy access to the rear seat. Liberal space for luggage and the spare tire is provided in a compartment concealed in the rear deck.




Pontiac 701 Six Four Door Sedan is one of seven body styles available. Eight-cylinder versions (Series 605) are also available. Bodies by Fisher, Dubonnet-type ifs.