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Porsche 1963

356 B - discontinued in July
356 C - new model in July
901 - September - Frankfurt


9672 ex.

Porsche 901 on the stand at Frankfurt was " The only one we've got " or words to that effect and as they have no intention of making any for at least a year one wonders why they did not wait until the next Frankfurt Show to introduce it, unless it was to forestall the more sensationally minded Continental newspapers. However, its specification is interesting for it uses an intriguing new flat-six air-cooled engine of 2-litres capacity with single overhead chaindriven camshafts for each bank which gives 130 b.h.p. (D.I.N.) at 6,20o r.p.m. The car is not a full 4-seater but the two occasional rear seats should remain comfortable for a little longer than the usual " legless dwarf " variety. The car itself remains unmistakably a Porsche in appearance except for its longer wheelbase and different front and rear end styling. The new engine which uses an eight main bearing crankshaft and is, of course, the first Porsche to eschew gear-driven camshafts is mated to an all-new 5-speed gearbox/final drive unit. The front suspension is similar to the McPherson principle except that torsion bars are used as the springing medium while the rear suspension retains trailing arms and transverse torsion bars. Disc brakes of Porsche/A.T.E. construction are fitted on all wheels. Porsche claim a top speed of 120 m.p.h. and a standing start 4-mile in 16.4 sec. No prices have been announced but it is likely to cost around £2,00o in Germany.

Several modifications have been made to the current Porsche range and the type is now designated the 356C. The 60 b.h.p. model is dropped leaving the 1600C which has 75 b.h.p. with improved torque and the 1600SC which has 95 b.h.p. at 5,80o r.p.m against 9o b.h.p. at 5,00o r.p.m. of the old Super 9o model. Disc brakes are now standard equipment on all wheels. I was able to drive one of the latest models and it was soon apparent that Porsche engineers read magazine road-test reports for the heater knob has been replaced by a lever and the awkwardly placed light switch has been moved so that the driver does not have to reach through the steering wheel to operate it. Some suspension modifications have been made including a stiffer roll bar and softer rear springs but my test drive was too short to detect any noticeable changes.
(Frankfurt Motor Show report, October '63)


356 B

1600 (B4 cyl, 1582 ccm, 60 PS)
1600 Super 75 (B4 cyl, 1582 ccm, 75 PS)
1600 Super 90 (B4 cyl, 1582 ccm, 90 PS)
2000 GS Carrera 2 (B4 cyl, 1966 ccm, 130 PS)
 Coupé wb: 2100 mm
 Cabriolet wb: 2100 mm
 Hardtop Cabriolet wb: 2100 mm


356 C

1600 C (B4 cyl, 1582 ccm, 75 PS)
1600 SC (B4 cyl, 1582 ccm, 95 PS)
2000 GS Carrera 2 (B4 cyl, 1966 ccm, 130 PS)
 Coupé (wb: 2100 mm)
 Cabriolet (wb: 2100 mm)
 Hardtop (wb: 2100 mm)



901 (B6 cyl, 1991 ccm, 130 PS)
 Coupé (wb: 2211 mm )


356 B Abarth GTL          
904 B4 cyl 1966 cc     – new model

1st Targa Florio #160 718 RS Bonnier/Abate
3rd Targa Florio #80 356 B LingeBarth
Entries and results:
  Targa Florio 05.05.1963 Entrant: Results:  
#         gen. class category
64 356 B Carrera Reutter   Vella / Termini Pegaso fail. - -  
80 356 B Carrera 2000 GS/GT   Linge / Barth Porsche KG 3rd 1st 1.6-2.0 1st GT
156 718 RS 61   Maglioli/Baghetti Porsche KG 7th 2nd 1.0-2.0 2nd prot.
160 718 RS 61 GTR   Bonnier / Abate Porsche KG 1st 1st 1.0-2.0 1st prot.
  24h Le Mans 15-16.06-1963 Entrant: Results: Index:
    chassis #     gen. class perf. eff.
27 718/8 GTR Coupé 718-046 Bonnier/Maggs Porsche acc. - - -
28 718/8 WRS Spyder 718-047 Barth/Linge Porsche 8th 1st prot. 1.6-2.0 5th 10th
29 2000 GS 122-992 Koch/de Beaufort Porsche fail. - - -
30 2000 GS 122-991 Schiller/Pon Porsche fail. - - -

Herbert Linge / Edgard Barth at Targa Florio finished 3rd in general ranking and won category gran turismo and 1601-2000 cc class.

356 B Carrera 2000 GS/GT at Targa Florio.

Umberto Maglioli and Giancarlo Baghetti in the 718 RS 61 at Targa Florio finished 7th overall, 2nd in prototypes category and 2nd in 1001-2000 cc class.

Joakim Bonnier and Carlo Maria Abate won this year's Targa Florio in the 718 RS 61 GTR. Also the best in prototypes category and 1001-2000 cc class.

718 RS 61 GTR the winner of Targa Florio.

Porsche 718/8 GTR Coupé, chassis #718-046, engine: Porsche 1981 cm³ (Jo Bonnier / Tony Maggs) Porsche System Engineering; 24h Le Mans.

Porsche 718/8 WRS Spyder, chassis #718-047, engine: Porsche 1981 cm³ (Edgar Barth / Herbert Linge) Porsche System Engineering; 24h Le Mans.

Porsche 2000 GS, chassis #122-992, engine: Porsche 1967 cm³ (Gerhard Koch / Carel Godin de Beaufort) Porsche System Engineering; 24h Le Mans.

Porsche 2000 GS, chassis #122-991, engine: Porsche 1967 cm³ (Heinz Schiller / Ben Pon) Porsche System Engineering, 24h Le Mans.


Zwycięstwo (Jansson/ Petterson) w Rajdzie Szwedzkim (Carrera).