Classic Car Catalogue

Riley 1934

Short Six - discontinued
Long Six  
6/15 - new model in October
1½-Litre - new model in October

Great Britain

The Most Successful Car in the World

The title of this book is a bold, perhaps a boastful, one. But it will be forgiven the manufacturers, who claim their product to be no less than the most successful car in the world, if they in their turn can convince the future owners of their cars that the title is justified. What, then, constitutes success in the Motoring World? Surely, in the first place, ability to stay, and to progress, in the industry itself. The young, modern motorist will scarcely remember names, famous in their day, of Motor-cars long since forgotten. Yet at one time they were contemporary and competitive with Riley. That so many have failed to stay the course in what is admittedly one of the most exacting and fiercely competitive of industries is perhaps not surprising. What is possibly more noteworthy is that, amid the many meteoric rises to fame and as many rapid falls into oblivionof numerous cars and their makers, the Riley Company has held, consolidated and advanced its status through thirty five years of automobile engineering in such a way as to express the very spirit of motoring. For the Riley Car has made "motorists" in the best sense of the word. It is characteristic of the Company's products that they have never been cheap mass-produced cars; nor yet have they been expensive "only-for-the-few" models; but they have always been-and never to a greater degree than at the present time-"popular" cars.

October '33

December '33


wb: 8ft 10½in 4 cyl. 2 ohv
1087 cc
9.01 HP
Saloon Monaco  
Saloon Falcon - discontinued
Saloon Kestrel  
Coupé Lincock - discontinued
Tourer Lynx  


New for 1934 is a Preselectagear, centrelock wire wheels, a one-shot lubrication system and chassis frames are now employing box-section construction for greater rigidity in areas of high stress. 12 volt battery of greater capacity is fitted. Triplex glass is a standard feature on all Rileys. Two low-line saloons are offered, both on the Special Series chassis: the Kestrel, first introduced in 1932, and the Falcon, which had acquired a boot, making it look like a lowered Monaco. The Monaco continues as a fully coachbuilt saloon, together with the coupe Lincock. The Lynx has now four doors. The Kestrel and Falcon are both priced at £325 with the all-helical gearbox and at £352 with Preselectagear. The Standard Series Lynx, Lincock and Monaco are all £298, in Special Series £315 and with Preselectagear £325.
Riley Nine is available with seven factory-built body styles, ranging in price from £237 to £325. The engine is an OHV Four of 1098-cc capacity (60.3 x 95.2 mm), rated at 9.02 HP and developing 35 bhp at 4500 rpm. Most models are optionally available with a less powerful version, developing 27 bhp at 4000 rpm.

Nine chassis for 1934.

Nine Falcon Saloon

Nine Kestrel Saloon with 'fastback'.

Nine Monaco Saloon

Nine Ascot Drop-Head Coupe

Nine Lynx Tourer


  wb: 6 cyl. 2 ohv
1458 cc
12.01 HP
6 cyl. 2 ohv
1633 cc
13.5 HP
Saloon 9ft 6in - Alpine - discontinued
Saloon 9ft 6in Kestrel Kestrel - discontinued
Fixed Head Coupé 9ft 6in Lyncock Lyncock - discontinued
Drophead Coupé 9ft 6in Ascot Ascot - discontinued
Four-Seater Tourer 9ft 6in Lynx Lynx - discontinued
Saloon 9ft 6in Mentone - - discontinued
Saloon 10ft 0in - Stelvio  
Saloon 10ft 0in - Winchester - discontinued
Limousine 10ft 0in - Winchester - discontinued
Saloon 10ft 0in - Edinburgh - discontinued
Sports * 9ft 6in Gamecock Gamecock - discontinued
* three special 6-cylinder chassis fitted with Gamecock bodies.


Riley Six-cylinder chassis are available with 1458-cc 12.08 HP and 1633-cc 13.53 HP engine with brake horsepower outputs from 44 to 57, depending on specification. All has overhead valves operated by high camshaft via tappets and short pushrods and four-speed gearbox.

12/6 Mentone

12/6 Mentone

12/6 Kestrel

Riley 14/6 six-cylinder chassis with Gamecock body and cycle wings. This car took part in the Alpine Trial this year.

9 h.p. Imp



The engine was mounted in the now-traditional Riley 3 point manner and power was transmitted to the rear axle via the usual enclosed propeller shaft. The MPH continued to be offered in i935, unchanged from 1934 except that it was now offered with the 6/15 engine instead of the 6/i4. The 12 h.p. engine also continued to be offered in the MPH for those people interested in having a car which could compete as a i z litre in International Class F.


wb: 9ft 4 ½ in 6 cyl. 2 ohv
1726 cc
14.3 HP
6 cyl. 2 ohv
1458 cc
12.01 HP
- new model in October
Saloon Kestrel -  
Saloon Falcon opt.  


Falcon 12 H.P.
The new 14 H.P. six-cylinder engine was annouced in October. Known as the 6/15 it bears an obvious similarity to its predecessor, but it has rounded rocker box lids like the new 4-cylinder 1½ litre and a gear driven oil pump and is mated to the Armstrong Siddeley preselector gearbox. An option on the Falcon isalso available: the 12 h.p. 6 cylinder engine-a new engine but with the same 1458 cc. capacity. The Falcon is an aero-line saloon in the same image as the Kestrel, but with a higher roofline to give more headroom. The chassis is entirely new with 9 ft. 4½ in wheelbase.


wb: 9ft 1in 4 cyl. 2 ohv
1496 cc
11.9 HP
- new model
Saloon Kestrel  
Tourer 4-dr Lynx  
Saloon Falcon  


Although based on the old principle with two camshafts located high in the cylinder block, the 1.5-litre engine is completely new with bore and stroke of 69x100 mm. The Armstrong-Siddeley four-speed preselector gearbox, centrifugal clutch and traditional Riley enclosed propeller shaft are fitted. The car has all new Girling, mechanical brake system.


wb: 6 cyl. 2 ohv
1458 cc
12.01 HP
6 cyl. 2 ohv
1633 cc
13.1 HP
- new model
8ft 1½in 2-seater 2-seater  


The new MPH model made its debut at the Scottish Rally. Two of those were entered along with four Imps. The enine features a pair of H3 SU carburettors and Scintilla magneto and has duralumin connecting rods. The car is a developement of the 1933 TT Six races.

MPH Sports prototype


wb: 4 cyl. 2 ohv
1087 cc
9.01 HP
- new model
7ft 6in. 2-seater  


The Imp is a scaled-down MPH with 9 h.p. engine offered with a manual (£298) or preselctor (£325) gearbox.

  MPH 2-seater      
  Ulster Imp        


Racing MPH prepared for the 1934 24h Le Mans to be driven by Dixon and Paul.
  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
Australian Grand Prix           Nine 1st
              Nine 3rd
02.06.1934 Mannin Moar Race           2-Litre 3rd
France 17-18.07.1934 Le Mans 24 Hours 6 6 6 27 Sébilleau / Delaroche MPH 2nd (1101-1500 1st)
          28 Dixon / Paul MPH 3rd (1101-1500 2nd)
          36 Becke / Peacock Nine Brooklands 5th (751-1100 2nd)
          37 Newsome / Maclure Ulster IMP 6th (751-1100 3rd)
          39 Trévoux / Carriére Ulster IMP 12th (751-1100 4th)
          38 Champney / Petre Ulster IMP 13th (751-1100 5th)
01.09.1934Tourist Trophy         A. W. K. Von der Becke 1087 cc 9th (1100 1st)
            E. McClure 1087 cc 11th
            P. G. Fairfield 1087 cc 12th
22.09.1934B.R.D.C. 500 Brooklands             1st

2nd at 24h Le Mans: Riley MPH Six Racing 1,458 cc. chassis 44T-2127, reg. KV 9477 (Jean Sébilleau / Georges Delaroche; Riley Motor Co. Ltd.)

3rd at 24h Le Mans: Riley MPH Six Racing 1,458 cc. chassis 44T-2128, reg. KV 9478 (Freddie Dixon / Cyril Paul; Riley Motor Co. Ltd.)

Ulster IMP 1,087.0cc chassis 60-24868, reg. KV 9476 (Sammy Newsome / Percy Maclure; Riley Motor Co Ltd)

Nine Brooklands 1,087 cc chassis 80-93, reg. KV 5392 with Alex van der Becke and Kenneth Peacock (Riley Motor Co. Ltd.)

Riley Ulster IMP 1,087 cc chassis 60-24755, reg. AYK 597 with Dorothy Champney and Kay Petre at 24h Le Mans.

Riley Ulster IMP 1,087 cc chassis 60-24867, reg. KV9475 driven at Le Mans by Jean Trévoux and René Carriére (Jean Trévoux).

In 24h Le Mans Riley took first three places in performance index:
1st #36 Alex van der Becke/Kenneth Peacock Riley Nine Brooklands - 1.36970
2nd #37 Sammy Newsome/Percy Maclure Riley Ulster IMP - 1.36830
3rd #27 Jean Sebilleau/Georges Delaroche Riley Nine MPH Six Racing - 1.29560

Class winner Von der Becke at Tourist Trophy.
Class F Records Montlhery; Riley 6/12; 1000 miles, 12 hrs, 2000 km; 102.35 m.p.h.; 101.1 m.p.h.; 101.04 m.p.h.
  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
20-26.01.1934 Rallye Monte Carlo 10 ? 8 41 Riley / Gardiner   7th (up to 1500 2nd)
International Alpine Rally              

Rallye Monte Carlo, no.39, R. Pelham-Burn, start: John o'Groats, finished 67th.

Rallye Monte Carlo, no.41 Rupert St.G. Riley / H. Gardiner, start: Athens,
finished 7th and 2nd in up to 1500 cc class.