Classic Car Catalogue

 Riley 1949

Great Britain

1½-Litre (1496 cm³,)
 saloon RMA
2½-Litre (2443 cm³, 90 KM)
  saloon RMB
2½-Litre (2443 cm³, 100 KM)
 roadster RMC
 drophead coupé RMD

2½-Litre Saloon (RMB)

Produkcja obu wersji RMA Saloon została przeniesiona z Coventry do zakładów MG w Abingdon.

Riley 2½-Litre RMD Drophead Coupé is in production from September 1948. It costs £1215 and is based on the 2½-Litre Saloon (£1225). In addition there are the three-seater Roadster at £1125 and the 1½-Litre Saloon at £913. The Roadster has steering-column mounted gearshift, other models has centrally mounted remote control lever.

In September of 1949 RMC and RMD become available for the home market.



2½-Litre (RMC)


2½-Litre (RMD)

2½-Litre (RMD) with bodywork by Reinbolt & Christie.










  24h Le Mans 25.06.1949 Entrant: Results:
        gen. class
#36 RMA Trouis / Eckerlein Vernet fail. -


Lynx RMA 1,494 cc. (Georges Trouis / Roger Eckerlein) at Le Mans.