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 Rover 1959

Great Britain

P4 60 – ost. rok
P4 75 – ost. rok
P4 90 – ost. rok
P4 105 – ost. rok
P4 80 – nowy model
P4 100 – nowy model
P5 3 Litre
Land Rover




Rover (P4)

60 1997 cm³ – discontinued
75 2230 cm³ – discontinued
90 2638 cm³ – discontinued
105 2638 cm³ – discontinued
80 2286 cm³ – new model
100 2625 cm³ – new model
Rover 60 or Sixty (P4) Saloon is continued with detail modifications which include a modified grille and a redesigned rear number plate mounting. These changes also apply to the 75, 90 and 105 models – the 105R had been discontinued in the summer of 1958 and the 105S became known as the 105 until it was also dropped, later in 1959 along with 60, 75 and 90.

Rover 80 Saloon was introduced in the summer of 1959 as a replacement for the 75 Saloon which had been in production for approximately ten years. Bodily similar to its predecessor, the new model feature a four-cylinder, 2286-cc, ohv engine which develop 77 bhp at 4250 rpm, overdrive, servo-assisted front disc brakes as standard, and a combined starter/ignition switch. Also available was the larger engined 100 Saloon.

Rover 100




3-Litre  2995 cc, 115 bhp
Rover 3-Litre (P5) Saloon is the first Rover to have a unitary body-cum-chassis structure, albeit with a front sub-frame. It is noticeably longer, lower and wider than the other Rover Cars and feature a six-cylinder 2995-cc 115-bhp engine, four-speed gearbox and servo-assisted brakes. The front and rear bench seats have folding arm rests and are trimmed throughout in leather; separate front seats are optional.



Land Rover series II

Land Rover 88 (wb: 2,23 m)
Land Rover 109 (wb: 2,77 m)
R4 cyl. petrol, 2286 cc, 77 bhp
R4 cyl. diesel, 2052 cc, 52 bhp

Series I 107-inch (2,7 m) Station Wagon continued until November 1959 due to continued demand from export markets and to allow the production of Series II components to reach full level.

The Series II sold well, with 28,000 being sold in its first full year.


In November, 250,000th Land Rover was produced.


... and rough.

Land Rover 88 s.II

Canadian advert.







Land Rover 88 s.II

Land Rover