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Rover 1963

Great Britain

P4 95 2625 cm³
P4 110 2625 cm³
P5 3-Litre Mk II 2995 cm³
P5 3-Litre Mk II Coupé 2995 cm³ - nowy model
P6 2000 1978 cm³ – premiera
Land Rover series IIA 88 2286 cm³ benzynowy lub diesel
Land Rover series IIA 109 2286 cm³ benzynowy lub diesel

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Coupé 3 Litre to 4 drzwiowy sedan ze zmienionymi słupkami przedniej szyby i innym dachem.
P6 2000 ma długość 453 cm, rozstaw osi 263 cm. Samochód otrzymał tytuł Car of the Year 1964.

The 2000 made the other Rover models on the stand look very stodgy and one wonders how much longer the 95 and 110 can survive. The Rover-B.R.M. stood side by side with Jim Clark's Lotus 25 on a special stand.
(London report)

Mark IV

95 2625 cc
110 2625 cc
Rover 110 Saloon announced in the summer of 1962 is generally similar to the discontinued 100 Saloon, but the output of the 2625-cc engine is higher.


Rover 110


3-Litre Mk II

3-Litre Saloon 4-door
3-Litre Coupé 4-door
Engine: 2995 cc
Rover 3 litre P5 Mk II Saloon replaced the Mk IA. Differences include increased power from the 2995-cc engine, a close ratio gearbox, improved seating and trim and detail changes. A fixed head Coupé is also available featuring a lower roof line and power steering as standard.

Rover 3 Litre Saloon


Rover 3 Litre Coupé



2000 1978 cc
Revolutionary new Rover P6 from late 1963 have detachable panels on structural base unit, complex cantilevered coil spring ifs and de Dion rear end. Engine is all new 90 bhp 1978 cc four with overhead cam, giving a 94 mph top speed. All synchro gear box, comfortable interior with separate rear seats, and leather trim.

The new Rover 2000





  24h Le Mans 15-16.06-1963 Entrant: Results: Index:
    chassis     gen. class perf. eff.
00 Rover-BRM   Hill/Ghinter Owen Racing Organization 7th      

Rover-BRM at Le Mans. Finished 7th covering 310 laps, 2592.926 miles with average speed 107.712 mph.


Wspólne dzieło Rovera i BRM. Samochód wyścigowy napędzany turbiną gazową, który startował poza konkursem w 24 godzinnym wyścigu w Le Mans. Prototyp ukończył wyścig na 7 miejscu pokonując dystans 4172,91 km, 310 okrążeń ze średnią prędkością 173,346 km/godz.



Land Rover

88 series IIA, wheelbase (2,200 mm)
109 sereis IIA, wheelbase (2,769 mm)
2286 cc pertol or diesel

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Land Rover 88