Classic Car Catalogue

Rolls Royce 1950

Silver Wraith - discontinued
Silver Dawn - discontinued
Phantom IV - new model

Great Britain

Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith Sports saloon, with coachwork by Park Ward St Co, Ltd. owned by Mr W. M. Coupér-took part in the 1950 Monte Carlo Rally where it won the Grand Prix d'Honneur du Concours de Confort.
Phantom IV fitted with the 5.7-litre straight-eight engine bodied by Hooper for the Queen.


Silver Wraith

Silver Wraith (6 cyl., 4257 cc; wb: 3225 mm) - discontinued


Silver Dawn

Silver Dawn (6 cyl., 4257 cc; wb: 3050 mm) - discontinued


Phantom IV

Phantom IV (8 cyl., 5675 cc; wb: 3680 mm) - new model