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SAAB 1950


92 (2 cyl., 746 cm³, 25 KM) 

Pierwsze samochody opuściły taśmę montażową 16 stycznia. Pierwszy rok seryjnej produkcji (1949/50) zamknął się wynikiem 1246 egzemplarzy.

By 16 January Saab delivered first cars to waiting customers.

Saab 92


Saab 92

Rolf Mellde/K G Svedberg and Greta Molander/Margaretha von Essen took part in the Monte Carlo Rallye in January. The two cars have chassis numbers 7 and 8 respectively. Greta Molander comes in 55th overall, 5th in her class and 2nd in the Ladies Class.
In the Rikspokalen in November, Europe's most gruelling event, Saab was the overall winner with Rolf Mellde, and was the best marque team with Mellde, Svedberg and Greta Molander, who also won the Ladies Class.