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SAAB 1953


92 (746 cm³, 25 KM) – ost.rok

Saab 92 B

Zmieniony tył z otwieraną pokrywą bagażnika i większą szybą. Wreszcie wyczerpały się zapasy ciemnozielonej farby i samochody można otrzymać w różnych kolorach.

The first major modifications to the Saab 92 were introduced for the 1953 model year. The car now have a 53% larger rear window. A new boot lid made the luggage compartment externally accessible and the luggage area had grown by 32% by moving the spare wheel and relocating the battery to the engine compartment. Additionally, the fuel tank filler cap had been moved to the rear wing.
Saab is very versatile. There is a special box available that, when the detachable rear seats are removed, could be inserted to convert the car into a handy little transport van. A bed kit made of plywood enable the conversion of the interior into a useful double bed.
Four colours are now available: grey, blue-grey, black and, of course, green.
Preheating of the induction air, to prevent icing in the carburettor, was introduced in December on the 1954 models.


Saab 92 B


Rolf Mellde won the Swedish Championship.