Classic Car Catalogue

Siata 1949


Amica – new model



The war saw Siata turn to the production of equipment for the military before the site was totally destroyed by bombing in 1943. Following the war Siata launched an auxiliary engine for bicycles which was an immediate success and at the same time changed the meaning of Siata to Societa Italiana Auto Trasformazioni Accessori. and afterwards production again concentrated on tuning accessories.
Amica uses a tubular chassis with a body designed by Siata but built by Bertone. The mechanics come from the Fiat 500B including the 569cc four cylinder engine, with the Siata cylinder head, with 22bhp - enough to propel the car to about 100km/h.


  Targa Florio/Giro di Sicilia entries: (19-20.03.1949)
#131 Fiat 750 Sport Esposito   -
#133 Fiat 750 Sport Schermi / Schermi   44th