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Standard 1933

Little Nine - discontinued
Big Nine - discontinued
Little Twelve
Big Twelve
Sixteen - discontinued
Eight - new model for '34
Ten - new model fo '34

Great Britain

4 bage brochure
Big Nine powstawał jako: Coupé 2-dr (Tourist Coupé type), Saloon 4-dr (Teignmouth fabric, Teignmouth special, Teignmouth Imperial, sports, Fulham saloon types), Tourer 2-dr, 2+2 miejscowy (Selby tourer type). Na rok 1934 zostanie on zastąpiony przez 9 h.p. Nine.
Sixteen produkowany był jako 4 drzwiowy, 4 miejscowy Saloon w wykonaniu fabrycznym, specjalnym i do zabudowy, oraz jako 2 i 4 miejscowy tourer.
Little Nine powstawał jako Saloon, Tourer i Coupé. Na przyszły rok zastąpi go 10 h.p. Ten.
The Standard range continued as for 1932 and most of the activity was centred around the specialist coachbuilders. The Jensen Bros ended their association with Avon and joined forces with Patrick Motors to produce the Bournebrook Special, a 4 seater sports tourer on the Little 12 chassis. Avon hired Charles Beauvais as designer whose tourers, Coupés and saloons on the 9hp and 16hp chassis were outstandingly pretty. A novel introduction by Beauvais was flashing direction indicators.
Standard introduced their successful Big and Little Nine models in 1932. Basic models have painted headlamps and no bumpers. Engine is a 1006-cc (60.25 x 88 mm) 8.9 HP Four.
William Lyons at Swallows commenced the equally attractive SS series of cars with the SS1 on the 16hp chassis.
Mulliners introduced a Landaulette and a 7 seater saloon, both based on the 20hp chassis.

Little Nine

(4 cyl, 1006 cc,)(wb: 7' 3'') Saloon, Special Saloon

1933 edition of the Little Nine De Luxe Saloon. It differ from the original model mainly in having "skirted" front wings and a more rounded roofline.

Big Nine

(4 cyl, 1287 cc, 25,5 bhp)(wb: 8' 5 1/4'') Saloon, Special Saloon


Little Twelve

(6 cyl, 1337cc, 29 bhp)(wb: 8' 1 1/2') Saloon, Special Saloon


Big Twelve

(6 cyl, 1497 cc)(wb: 8' 5 1/4'') Saloon, Special Saloon



(6 cyl, 2054 cc)(wb: 9' 1'') Saloon, Special Saloon



(6 cyl, 2552 cc)(wb: 9' 9'') Saloon, Special Saloon




October '33
October '33



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
21-25.01.1933 Rallye Monte Carlo 2 2 1 54 Budge   58th