Classic Car Catalogue

Standard 1935

Twelve - end
Sixteen - end
Twenty - end
Twenty - new model

Great Britain

February '35
Twenty był budowany jako Landaulette 4dr 4 msc, Saloon 4dr 4msc, takze jako Weymann half-panelled saloon, Saloon 4dr 7msc saloon de luxe.
Nowe nadwozia Avon - Drophead Coupé 2dr, Saloon 4dr (Wayfarer saloon type), Sports 2dr (open sports type)
10/12 Sports zbudowano na podwoziu Ten, z 4 cylindrowym, dolnozaworowym silnikiem 1608 cm³ Twelve z dwoma gaźnikami, osiągającym moc 45 KM.
Models for 1935 continue as for 1934 with the following exceptions and additions:
9hp only available now in 4 door form.
10/12hp now available as a Sports Saloon, or Sports Coupé plus also in 'Speedline' form, which being well received by the public. It has twin-carburettor high-compression 12 HP engine.
Avons now gave names to their models, producing the Waymaker I sports saloon in pillerless form on the 16hp chassis and the Waymake II (identical to the Waymaker I save for a shorter bonnet) on the 10/12hp speed chassis.
SS models are available on 10hp, 12hp, 16hp and 20hp chassis (especially lowered by SS) and the SS 90 sports was introduced using the 20hp engine. (The SSI was basically the 16/20hp chassis whilst the SSII was produced on the 10 or 12hp chassis).


(4 cyl, 1052 cc,)(wb: 7' 3'', 6' ½'')
  Saloon 4dr



(4 cyl, 1343 cc, )(wb: 7' 10'')
  Saloon 4dr,
  Coupé 2dr,
  Tourer 2dr

Standard Ten has 1343-cc (63.5x106 mm) four-cylinder engine, rated at 10 HP, and 7 ft 10 in wheelbase.


(4 cyl, 1608 cc)(wb: 8' 6'')
  Saloon 4dr


Speed 10-12

Speed Saloon 4-dr 4-seater,
Speedline Saloon 4-seater
Speed Coupé 2-dr 2-seater



(6 cyl, 2143 cc)(wb: 8' 11'')
  Saloon 4dr



(6 cyl, 2552 cc)(wb: 9' 9'') - end
(6 cyl, 2663 cc)(wb: 9' 9'', 10' 3'') - new