Classic Car Catalogue

Standard 1936

Nine - end
Ten - end
Twelve - new - end
Light Twenty
Flying Twelve - new model
Flying Sixteen - new model
Flying Twenty - new model
Flying Ten - March
Flying Light Twelve - March
Flying Nine - October
Flying Twenty V-Eight - October

Great Britain

Motor SportOctober 1936
Perhaps the range of 9, 10, 12 and 14 h.p. Flying Standards is that of utility cars of sporting abilities, rather than one to appeal to the competition driver, though we acknowledge the smooth-running qualities that have been cleverly allied to considerable performance capabilities. But the new V8 2,686 c.c. Standard engine, which has aluminium cylinder heads and gives 73 b.h.p. at 4,000 r.p.m., in a saloon weighing 23¼ cwt., is of direct interest to sportsmen. The saloon is really well finished and equipped, yet sells for £349. Obviously the Standard V8 could form the basis of a quite remarkable low-priced sports-car, and we await performance figures with eagerness. The six-cylinder 2.6-litre Flying Twenty is also verging on the sporting class, and can be had in saloon form for £299.
This year Standard offers the largest range of cars ever: Nine in 2 and 4 door saloon form and DHC (2 door), Ten in 4 door saloon and DHC (2 door), Light Twelve (the old 10/12 model) 4 door saloon and 2 door DHC, Twelve 4 door saloon and 2 door DHC, Sixteen saloon, Light Twenty saloon (a 20hp engine in the 16hp chassis), 20hp Twenty saloon
The 16 and 20hp are 6 cylinder SV engines as before, the others being 4 cylinder SV units.
The all new are Flying Twelve, Flying Sixteen and Flying Twenty (six cylinder) later in the year followed by Flying Ten and Flying Light Twelve both in March and then 9hp Flying Nine and 20hp Flying Twenty V8 in October.
Avon continue with their own models on 12, 16 and 20hp (6 cylinder) chassis (either basic or Flying chassis) and Mulliner produced a diminutive 2 door Landaulette on the 9hp chassis. The SS models continue as before but 1936 saw the introduction of the Jaguar name.
The Flying 20 V-Eight was announced for the Olympia Motor Show in October 1936. It topped the range at £349 as a Saloon or £359 in Coupé Form. A Radio is a £13 extra. For comparison, the six cylinder 20Hp Saloon is just £299 and offer a roomier body. The V-Eight offer 75 bhp and a top speed of 82mph, 0-50mph is quoted as 12 seconds and fuel consumption as 20mpg. The price was reduced to Ł325 in the following season.
Engine Specification: 63.5mm bore x 106mm stroke. Side Valves. Capacity 2,686cc. Eight cylinders in 90degree vee configuration. Compression ratio 6.5:1 RAC rating 20hp. Tax £15. Three bearing crank. Wheelbase is 9 ft 8 in, tyre size 5.50-17.


(4 cyl, 1052 cc,)(wb: 7'3''/6'1/2'')
 2 door saloon
 4 door saloon
  DHC (2 door)



(4 cyl, 1343 cc, )(wb: 7' 10'')
 4 door saloon
 DHC (2 door)

Ten / Light Twelve


Twelve (4 cyl, 1608 cc)(wb: 8' 3'') - new - end
 4 door saloon
 2 door DHC
Light Twelve (4 cyl, 1608 cc)(wb: 7' 7'') - new - end
 4 door saloon
 2 door DHC
Twelve (4 cyl, 1608 cc)(wb: 9' 0'')



(6 cyl, 2143 cc)(wb: 9' 8'')

Sixteen / Light Twenty


Light Twenty (6 cyl, 2663 cc)(wb: 8' 11'')
Twenty (6 cyl, 2663 cc)(wb: 9' 8'')


Flying Sixteen



Flying Twelve

Flying Twelve
Flying Light Twelve


Flying Twenty



Flying Ten



Flying Nine



Flying Twenty V-Eight





  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
25.01-02.02.1936 Rallye Monte Carlo 3 3 1 25 Twenty Wisdom / Black 43rd

Thomas H. Wisdom and N. Black in Standard Twenty in Rallye Monte Carlo. They started from Athens.