Classic Car Catalogue

Standard 1940

Eight - discontinued
Nine - discontinued
Ten - discontinued
Light Twelve - discontinued
Twelve - discontinued
Fourteen - discontinued
Twenty - discontinued
Beaverette - new model

Great Britain

Some 4 door Flying Eight saloons as well as a few Nine, Ten, Twelve and Fourteen Flying models were produced for private use.
Main production: 10hp, 12hp chassis with utility van and pick up bodies and 14hp ambulances. A few 8hp chassis were equipped with 'box' bodies for use as YMCA tea dispensers.
The Beaverette Light Armoured Car was introduced with 14hp engine at the instigation of Lord Beaverbrook, Minister of Aircraft Production (hence the name Beaverette). It is based on commercial car chassis, on which a simple riveted armoured hull is mounted. The 11mm of steel is backed by 3 inch thick oak planks. The hull is open at the top and at the rear. The armament consists of Bren light machine gun which could be fired through a slot in the glacis armour.

Flying Standards

(1009 cc, 28 bhp)(wb: 6' 11'')
(1131 cc,)( wb: 7' 1'')
12 (1608 cc, 44 bhp)(wb: 8' 4'')