Classic Car Catalogue

Studebaker 1966

    wb: L6 cyl.
120 h.p.
L6 cyl.
140 h.p.
V8 cyl.
195 h.p.
Commander 2 Door Sedan 109 in. Six Six Eight
Commander 4 Door Sedan 113 in. Six Six Eight
Wagonaire 4 Door Stn Wgn 113 in. Six Six Eight
Cruiser 4 Door Sedan 113 in. Six Six Eight
Daytona 2 Door Sedan 109 in. Six Six Eight

With production figures falling rapidly from 46.760 in 1964, 19.435 in 1965 and only 8.947 this year Studabaker closed its doors.

What does all this talk about adding a safety package have to do with the new Studebaker?
1966's Big Surprise Package!
  To begin with, what the Big Three added to many models to conform to U. S. Government requests, Studebaker already had: padded dash, standard since 1959; 2 speed electric windshield wipers, standard for many years; dual safety brakes. standard since 1963 (most '66s still have not added this very important item to their safety packages); windshield washers, standard since last year ... so while others were adding features that Studebaker already had and making big noise about their new safety package, we added new luxurious interiors, a functional bold new grille, and an ingenious Refreshaire Circulating System that takes out cigar smoke and stale air, increases heater and air-conditioner efficiency – all features for greater passenger comfort and buy appeal.
  All these new features, plus our unmatched safety package, tied together make up our Big Surprise Package for '66, all for only $2215.
The '66 program for Studebaker dealers is designed to present even greater opportunity for dealer profits – to dealers who are traditionally accustomed to far above average gross profits per car. Quality features such as Armor Guard frames, aluminized rustproofing, and tight fitting craftsmanship assure customer satisfaction and steady repeat sales.
  As part of its Go-Ahead program for '66, Studebaker presents profit opportunities in certain open market areas.
South Bend. Indiana