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Subaru 1954



The first vehicle built by the automotive division of Fuji Heavy Industries is called the Subaru 1500 P1. The prototype uses a monocoque body structure with an independent front wishbone and a live rear axle with leaf springs. The company is currently manufacturing the Fuji Rabbit scooter. The 1.5 litre four-cylinder OHV engine, code named "FG4A" is the Peugeot 202, and built by Fuji Precision Technology. The FG4A engine is related to the Prince GA4 with some modification, and is shared with the Prince Sedan introduced in 1952. Later a different engine was developed in-house by Fuji Heavy Industries, code named "L4-1" which was also a 1.5 litre OHV engine, that was 20 percent lighter than the previous engine used. Only 20 P-1's were built, all in 1954, with 11 vehicles using the FG4A engine. Six units were provided to the taxi companies in Isesaki, Ota and Honjo Cities for private testing, with successful results.