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Sunbeam 1932

Twenty-Five - ost.rok

Great Britain

Motor Sport October 1932
Sports cars for 1933.

The Sunbeam Motor Car Co., Ltd., Moorfield Works, Wolverhampton.
20 h.p. Speed Model : 6 cyl., 80 mm. x 110 mm., 3,300 c.c., 23.8 h.p.

Production of Twenty-Five totalled around 1356 cars.

Motor SportNovember 1932
A visit to the Olympia Motor Show.

Sunbeams have not made a sports car since the old 3-litre model, but this year they have come back with a "Speed Model." I liked the look of it. The saloon on the stand was finished in two shades of blue, with an attractively curved rear panel. I understand that the car is designed for comfortable fast travel rather than a terrific maximum speed, and it should therefore be ideally suited to such events as the Monte Carlo Rally.


Non-championship Grands Prix:

  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
15.05.1932 Brooklands Gold Star Handicap         E. L. Bouts 1,988 c.c. 2nd
10.09.1932 Brooklands Mountain Championship Race         Sir Malcolm Campbell 3,976 c.c. (s) 1st
  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
01.1932  Rallye Monte Carlo     1 50 Symons   23rd

H.E. Symons (centre) of "The Motor" with Lord de Clifford and Harrington-Howard standing alongside the Sunbeam.