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Sunbeam 1938
Sunbeam-Talbot 1938

Talbot 10 -nowy model - ost.rok
Sunbeam-Talbot Ten - August
Sunbeam-Talbot 3-Litre - nowy model

Great Britain

The Rootes Group Talbots, built in London, were being confused with Lago's Talbots (née Darracqs), built in Suresnes.
Rootes also had a valuable marketing device in the form of the defunct Sunbeam marque. The solution was to create a new marque: Sunbeam-Talbot. From 1938, the existing British Talbots were rebadged as Sunbeam-Talbots. This is why the Sunbeams that followed used a Talbot badge and grille rather than the traditional Sunbeam badge and grille.
The entry-level Sunbeam-Talbot was the Ten. This model was launched in August 1938 and was an upgrade of the previous Talbot Ten. The chassis had its origins in that used in the Hillman Aero Minx. The engine was an 1185cc sidevalve Minx unit with an alloy head. They were available with four-door saloon, drophead Coupé and sports tourer bodywork.

Like Hillman and Humber, the Clement Talbot company was part of the Rootes Group: later in the year the company and the cars were re-named Sunbeam-Talbot.

The Sunbeam-Talbot 10 is an updated version of the earlier Talbot 10, which in turn was an updated Hillman Aero Minx. It use the Minx chassis with half elliptic leaf springs front and rear and 1185cc alloy headed side valve four cylinder engine. A four speed gearbox is fitted with synchromesh on second, third and fourth. The engine produce 38bhp at 4500rpm. It has all mechanical Bendix brakes.
The 3 Litre first appeared as the Talbot 3 Litre, becoming a Sunbeam-Talbot in 1938. It use the chassis and engine of the Humber Snipe. The engine is a 3181cc sidevalve six cylinder developing 80bhp at 3800rpm. It feature independent front suspension by a transverse leaf spring and hydraulic brakes. Body styles are saloon, sports saloon, tourer and drophead Coupé.




Ten Sports Tourer







  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
25-30.01.1938 Rallye Monte Carlo 5 5 5 75 Garrad / 'Sammy' Davis   22nd (->1500 05th)

No.25, W.G. Lockhart, start from Stavanger, 63rd.