Classic Car Catalogue

Sunbeam-Talbot 1949


Great Britain

Sunbeam-Talbot Ten and 2-Litre Saloons were superseded in the summer of 1948 by completely restyled models, the 80 and the 90, selling at £889 and £953 respectively. The very sleek bodywork, retaining the exclusive rear side window configuration, is by Thrupp & Maberly and is the same for both cars. The main difference is in the engine size, which is 1185 and 1944 cc like the preceding Ten and 2-Litre resp., but now with overhead valves and other modifications resulting in better performance, namely 47 bhp for the 80 and 64 for the 90. Also available as two-door Convertible Coupé with three-position top. They cost £991 and £1055 respectively.


80 and 90

80 (1185 cc, 47 bhp)
90 (1944 cc, 64 bhp)
 Drophead Coupé


In presenting the 80 and 90, latest editions of a universally esteemed marque and successors to the famous Ten and 2-litre models, Sunbeam-Talbot introduce the new art of Streamstyling. This original conception, the new thought in automobile design in accord with the modern age, conveys what is self-evident to the eye—gracefull power and modern appearance. The traditional supremacy of Sunbeam-Talbot in the design of sports cars is reaffirmed.
Streamstyling is expressed in terms of a Sports Saloon of all-steell safety construction, and a Sports Convertible Coupé by Thrupp and Maberly which in a few moments can be transformed into a slim sports tourer with fully recessed hood.
Essentially compact and manoeuvrable, as sports cars should be, the design has not involved any sacrifice of interior roominess or comfort. On both models spacious enclosed luggage accommodation is provided.
Vision is exceptional due to the Opticurve windscreen which eliminates reflection and dazzle by day and night and allows the door pillars to be set back to avoid blindspots. It is further increased by the low dash-rail and sloping bonnet—safety features off the utmost importance.
The new Air-duct dual ventilation system, an integral feature of the design, ensures that a flow of fresh, clean air is in constant circulation throughout the interior when required. The two controls are independently operated, and circulate the air without creating draughts.
The powerful and efficient O.H.V. engines, of 1185 and 1944 cc. capacity respectively, confirm the promise of speed inherent in the modern styling. Although new, they are of proved reliability and performance, for into them has gone the skill acquired by years of practical experience on road and track.
The proved Synchromatic finger-tip gear-control, in conjunction with the O.H.V. engines, will enable the confirmed sports car driver to make those swift get-aways in which he takes justifiable pride. Manual speed is the only limit to rapidity off change.
The streamstyled control panel is as practical as it is strikingly original, and the steering wheel permits direct, unobstructed vision of instruments, while its near vertical position, in accordance with tried racing practice, affords precise mastery. The 80 and 90 have the guarantee of Sunbeam-Talbot behind them—an assurance that nothing but the finest of materials and craftsmanship has gone into their manufacture.