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Th. Schneider 1931



Motor Sport November 1931
Motor Sport February 1931

On the Continent, the 13-55 h.p. Schneider is a car which has met with considerable popularity in the past few years, and in this country it is finding increasing favour among sporting motorists. For this year it has undergone various modifications both in the chassis and bodywork. Here is the Le Mans Special type—a car with exceedingly pleasing lines and good all round performance. The engine is a four-cylinder with push-rod operated overhead valves. It is priced at £535.
Motor Sport, February 1931
Motor SportOctober 1931

The 13-55 h.p.Models for 1932 Schneider chassis has remained the same for 1932 in general layout, with the exception of a slightly increased compression ratio, larger capacity batteries and chromium plated gear levers and dash controls. The bodywork on the open 4-seater has been modified with lower cut away front doors, lower rear seats and a tonneau cover fitted in the standard equipment. The running boards have been discarded for aluminium covered steps with side louvres and any type of wing as desired. The windscreen has been slightly lowered and staggered and the angle of the spare wheel slightly staggered inwards at the top.
These few improvements make the 13-55 h.p. Le Mans model even more attractive than before. Prices :—Special Le Mans type £535, Le Mans (Standard) type £495, saloon £595.
Concessionaires' address :—Schneider Automobiles (Eng.) Ltd., 138, Long Acre, London, WC .2 .