Classic Car Catalogue

Toyota 1955

RH Super 1453 cc, 48 hp - discontinued (5845 ex.)
Land Cruiser    
Master   - new model in January
Crown   - new model in January


At the 2nd Tokyo Motor Show in May Toyota unveiled its 1.5-liter engine class small car the Toyopet Crown (RS) and Toyopet Master (RR).








Toyopet Master (RR)


wb: 2530 mm 4 cyl.
1453 cc
48 HP
sedan RS


Toyopet Crown (RS)

Toyopet Crown at Tokyo Motor Show in May.

Crown; 6 pages from a brochure.

Land Cruiser

  6 cyl. ohv
3.4 l.
84 hp
6 cyl. ohv
3.9 l.
123 hp
6 cyl. ohv
3.9 l.
133 hp
  BJ FJ - - discontinued
  - - FJ 20 - new model


In November F-type engine installed in the Land Cruiser.

FJ 25




On November 1st Masterline Pickup and Masterline Light Van (RR16 and RR17 types) launched.